Our trust is what people need who make great sacrifices and set out on a perilous, fearful trek in search of a life in peace. We do not want to hold back our help until all bureaucratic obstacles have been overcome and all doubts have been removed. We accept them into our SAMSON family and trust them in the firm belief that they are capable of starting fresh in our country.

Dr. Ingo Koch, member of the SAMSON AG Executive Board

When SAMSON Frankfurt awarded sponsorship contracts to eight refugees from different countries back in March 2016, it set an example for companies all across Germany. At that time, the refugee crisis in Europe was in full swing and SAMSON knew how to act. The young men had come to Germany from crisis-ridden countries, such as Syria and Eritrea. The language barrier was a huge obstacle that prevented them from getting vocational training spots. But SAMSON gave them a chance and they took up their training in September that year.

It was no coincidence that SAMSON was one of the first German companies to respond like that. After all, people from 40 different countries work there. The inter-cultural environment made integration much easier for the refugees and turned the project into a complete success. SAMSON created an additional 30 jobs as part of the refugee work program. As of 1 September 2017, SAMSON will employ 39 refugees: the eight who joined in March 2016; two who started a little later will already begin their second year of training. In addition, eleven new apprentices will start their training and eight signed sponsorship contracts. Nine former refugees will be permanently employed by then.

Ms. Andrea Schmidt, who leads the vocational training program at SAMSON, kept stressing the importance of the project for SAMSON: "We have customers all across the world, we cannot shut ourselves off from the refugee situation." Refugees flee from many countries, including Syria, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, and Afghanistan. Sometimes the new SAMSON staff are still short of words but they try their best to learn German as quickly as possible. It is clearly visible that they enjoy their work. In return, SAMSON gets motivated, friendly workers – a win-win situation.

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