VETEC Ventiltechnik GmbH develops and manufactures rotary plug valves, pneumatic actuators and special valves for industrial applications. For over four decades, VETEC has been creating state-of-the-art solutions for valve control tasks in many different sectors of industry. Oil and gas, petrochemical refineries, large chemical plants, plant engineering, metalworking, pulp and paper, food processing: we offer solutions for controlling gases, vapors, liquids and solid-laden media.


One of VETEC's strengths lies in handling specific customer requirements. We find the right solution for every single application. VETEC stands for rugged products of highest durability and prime quality.

VETEC's number-one product is the MAXIFLUSS rotary plug valve, which is successfully used in more and more fields of application. Its modular design and wide variety of versions make the MAXIFLUSS rotary plug valve universally suitable for all applications. In addition to the standard materials, such as cast steel and cast stainless steel, we offer versions made of steels and stainless steels for low- and high-temperature service. We are also capable of providing products in exotic alloys, such as nickel alloys, duplex and superduplex, Monel®, titanium, zirconium and bronze alloys for oxygen or seawater service.

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Actuators convert the control signal supplied by automation equipment into a linear or rotary motion used to position the valve.

VETEC develops and manufactures pneumatic diaphragm actuators or uses products from the SAMSON range, including rotary piston and scotch-yoke actuators.

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MAXIFLUSS rotary plug valves feature high flow capacities and an excellent control accuracy at an enormous resolution. Typically, their KVS and CV coefficients are higher than those of comparable valves. With their rangeability of 200:1, the valves outperform conventional control valves and cover a wide control range.

  • Particularly high flow capacity
  • Rangeability up to 200:1
  • Excellent control behavior
  • Rugged, compact design
  • High durability and resistance to wear
  • Blow-out-proof shaft
  • Customized configurations
  • Ideal for controlling gases, vapors, liquids and media containing solids
  • Can be used to handle corrosive, sticky, highly viscous and dirt-carrying media
  • Low-emissions packing according to TA Luft and ISO 15848 (equivalent to bellows seal)
  • Comprehensive sealing of all bearings
  • Minimized dead spaces
  • Bonnet extensions for high and low temperatures
  • Heating jacket
  • Ceramic and carbide metal sleeves
  • Cleaning connections
  • Low-noise and anti-cavitation components

VETEC Ventiltechnik GmbH is headquartered in Speyer on the river Rhine. The roots of the company date back to the original mechanical engineering company of the Canali brothers founded in 1901. When a valve manufacturing unit was added in 1964, the company started developing products and solutions that continue to successfully control the production processes of our customers.

Since the renaming to VETEC Ventiltechnik GmbH in 1985, this know-how has continuously been expanded and developed further.

In 1988, VETEC became a subsidiary of SAMSON. Thanks to a strong cooperation with our parent company, VETEC is represented all across the world with our joint engineering and sales offices. Within Germany, our own engineering and sales offices provide technical customer support and ensure sales of our products throughout the country. Flexibility and proximity to our customers contribute to our success just as much as they contribute to yours.

At our Speyer site, our highly skilled staff develop and manufacture valves and pneumatic actuators on state-of-the-art machinery. And we also deliver the valves as ready-mounted units with all the necessary accessories already attached. Throughout the entire process, our main focus lies on tailoring our products to our customers' exact needs.

VETEC Ventiltechnik GmbH stands for prime quality, a first-rate machining performance as well as quick, competent service. With our long experience, we are naturally capable of meeting our customers' specific demands and finding tailor-made solutions.

It takes design expertise and a wide range of sophisticated manufacturing capabilities to comply with the requirements being placed on product functionality and reliability.

In Speyer, we tackle these challenges with the skill set of our qualified staff and a pool of modern machinery. We specialize in developing, manufacturing and marketing control valves and valve accessories.

Experienced engineers in our German offices as well as the worldwide SAMSON subsidiaries and offices give their expert advise and provide competent services.

With the audit conducted in November 2017, the VETEC quality management system was updated to ISO 9001:2015.

This update from the 2008 edition of the standard meant that adjustments had to be made in the seven areas listed below, which the top management and quality representative reconsidered to implement the necessary changes.

The quality management (QM) system is an integral part of the company's strategic direction. As a result, top management ensures that the quality policy and quality objectives are in line with the strategic direction and the context of the company. We record which internal and external issues – arising for example from legal, technological, competitive or social environments – have an impact on the objectives, strategies and results of the QM system.

VETEC has determined the interested parties and their requirements relevant to the QM system. Interested parties are customers, staff, suppliers, partners, cost objects etc. Customer focus has been expanded to include further parties that are relevant to the QM system. VETEC takes into account which impact the parties have on the conformity of products and services.

By implementing ISO 9001:2015, VETEC has placed even greater importance on a process-oriented approach and the demand for comprehensive, systematic process management. By defining the processes, VETEC determines planned results, performance indicators for process control, responsibilities and authorities as well as opportunities and risks that could impact the achievement of quality objectives.

Top management and the head of quality management have assumed greater responsibility for the performance and effectiveness of the quality management system. Other relevant management roles are supported to demonstrate their leadership relating to the QM system. Staff are engaged, directed and supported to contribute to the effectiveness of the QM system. The quality management representative acts as the management coordinator in all aspects relating to ISO 9001:2015. This means that the previous regulation of having a management representative is retained.

Systematic actions to address opportunities and risks are new additions to ISO 9001:2015. As a result, VETEC has identified, analyzed and assessed the opportunities and risks. Actions to address these risks and opportunities are planned, implemented and their effectiveness is reviewed. Based on these findings, measurable control mechanism are determined.

VETEC is aware that knowledge is a decisive factor in today's economy. ISO 9001:2015 also stipulates that knowledge must be addressed systematically. As a result, VETEC has determined the knowledge necessary for the operation of processes and created opportunities to maintain it. The organizational knowledge is safeguarded from loss and made available to staff to the extent necessary.

A quality manual is no longer needed according to ISO 9001:2015. As a result, we at VETEC will not create one anymore. Instead, the implementation of ISO 9001:2015 is described in documented procedures, which are published in the QM database and on the company Intranet site.

In summary, the new edition of the standard increases the demands placed on the top management and quality representative. But it also grants VETEC greater flexibility in implementing the QM system. Top management has used the standard revision to further develop the existing QM system and reconsider existing structures. This has paved the way for a feasible QM system.

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