Standardized Valve Solutions

Identical components simplify customer spare parts stock-keeping

At a glance

Device group: high-pressure valves in enhanced-duty and heavy-duty versions
Device types: Type 3251 and Type 3291 as well as Type 3591 and SAMSON RINGO
Pressure rating: Class 600

Special features

  • Better availability and shorter delivery times
  • Easier installation, start-up and maintenance
  • Simpler management of spare parts stock

A wide variety of configurations makes it difficult to keep the right spare parts in stock. For valve manufacturers, this means that in-depth know-how is required when it comes to assembly, installation, start-up and maintenance. As a result, SAMSON is streamlining and optimizing its group-wide portfolio of high-pressure valves. Over the years, a large number of different ANSI body versions has been developed. By implementing the Shared Modular System (SMS), this variety will be cut down to one design for enhanced-duty valves and one design for heavy-duty valves – without restricting the range of functions and fields of applications. For example, the heavy-duty valves with their very rugged design and improved guiding will still be suitable to meet the strictest requirements. The larger seat bores per valve size common in the SAMSON RINGO design will be adopted for all heavy-duty valves. As a result, the flow coefficients per valve size will increase in most cases.

The design study shows an enhanced-duty valve with V-port plug, plug stem with optimized guiding and internal anti-rotation fixture. The mounted valve seat is split into two halves. One half of the seat is screwed in, the other clamped in by a seat retainer. The seat can be modified for both designs. The clamped-in seat is preferable for process media containing solids as particles can hardly form any deposits in this version.