Passing away of Rolf Sandvoss

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Mr. Rolf Sandvoss, honorary chairman of the SAMSON AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT Supervisory Board, passed away on 28 December 2014 at the age of 78. The Supervisory Board, Executive Board, works council and staff of the entire SAMSON GROUP mourn the loss of a great man who remained at hand with help and advice, and kept the spirit of the founding Sandvoss family alive at SAMSON.

Rolf Sandvoss, great nephew of the founding father of SAMSON, took over corporate responsibility for the Stuttgart company previously managed by his father at the early age of 24. In August 1965, he was appointed to the SAMSON AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT Supervisory Board as one of the youngest members of the Sandvoss family. He quickly moved into the role as mediator and just eight years later, he became chairman of the Supervisory Board. In the following 28 years, he laid the foundations for the development of SAMSON into the internationally active SAMSON GROUP with currently 4,000 members of staff in over 40 countries. In 1962, Mr. Sandvoss played a key role in the founding of the French subsidiary in Lyon and remained active on its executive board over many decades.

To honor his achievements, the Supervisory Board appointed him honorary chairman in September 2003. He continued his remarkable commitment to SAMSON in his role as honorary chairman until his death. His entrepreneurial spirit, reliable judgement and distinguished management style still influence the SAMSON corporate philosophy today. His commitment to the company and its workforce is exemplary for how the companies and staff within the SAMSON GROUP work together.