|   About SAMSON

The past year was full of challenges for SAMSON. We took the digitalization of our corporate processes to the next level by introducing a fully integrated ERP system. The initial difficulties, which proved to be much greater than we expected despite extensive testing and simulations beforehand, kept us on our toes and tried your patience as our valued customers.

We appreciate the tolerance, patience and loyalty that you have shown towards us over the past year. We are absolutely convinced that we will regain our former strength in the coming year and be in the position to return to delivering the prime quality that SAMSON is renowned for, that we are proud of and that made our company great.
Despite these challenges, we have invested heavily into the development of our products in line with our ambition of taking technological leadership. Over the next few years, we will be launching product innovations onto the market that combine control valves, sensors and increasingly enhanced IoT technology.

We send our Season’s Greetings and Best Wishes for the new year.