3310 new generation: the rotary valve with high flow rate and low pressure drop

|   France

Adaptable to all types of industries

SAMSON France has just launched its 3310 valve edition 2020 (DIN & ANSI), synonymous with flexibility and efficiency. Developed and manufactured in France, this rotary valve offers many advantages:

  • Easy integration into existing systems and reduced overall cost
    Lower weight and more compact dimensions compared to globe valves and even rotary valves with diaphragm actuators.
  • One valve type for different applications and environments
    Different configurations with electric or pneumatic actuator, certified seals (FDA, EN 1935), various seat seals are available.
  • Optimized flow and precise control
    The combination of high rangeability (>400:1) and a precise positioner, allows the customer to be in full control of the fluid.
  • Lower energy consumption and reduced risk of clogging
    At full opening, the valve has an unobstructed flow path.

New features and updates

  • a new metal seat E (for enhanced duty) with an extended application range thanks to better mechanical resistance to higher differential pressures
  • a packing system certified according to ISO 15848
  • a new guiding system of the segmented ball for a longer lifetime
  • customized solutions for abrasive and corrosive media for example