SAMSON valves for energy recovery in an Alsatian brewery

|   France

The project at a glance

SAMSON France took part in an energy recovery project, led by the company Si-Nergie for the Brasserie Licorne. Si-Nergie develops tailor-made energy saving solutions for industrial companies. Its objective in this project is to improve the energy efficiency and productivity of this Alsatian beer production site. The aim is to reduce the environmental impact of the plant. SAMSON valves are used at the heart of the beer production process of this brewer founded in 1845.

The application

Six SAMSON valves are used for the recovery of waste energy (process heat) and for hot water production. A Type 3310 Segmented Ball Valve (DN 150) is used during beer brewing to control and limit the flow rate during the transfer between a storage tank and a cooking tank. The aim is to achieve a smooth flow rate for fine process control. "We use energy recovery on the heating of the beer during its transfer to limit gas consumption before cooking", explains Benjamin Schaub, president of Si-Nergie. This rotary valve was also appreciated for its ability to avoid the risk of clogging with potential residues from the brewing of cereals (spent grain) after filtration.

Other all-stainless steel linear valves type 3241 (DN 25 to 80) are installed in the plant for the production of hot water, which is used during the various stages of beer production.

All SAMSON valves in this project comply with FDA certification and EC regulation 1935/2004 and meet the food safety requirements of the process.