SAMSON participates in energy recycling with EcoGreenEnergy

|   France

The project at a glance

SAMSON France has been a preferred supplier of EcoGreenEnergy for five years. The company, headquartered in Strasbourg, develops thermal energy recycling solutions for industrial companies in France. EcoGreenEnergy supports them in decarbonizing their production site by recycling their energy waste. Through their infrastructure called GreenBox®, the Alsatian company recovers this "fatal energy" (heat from industrial processes such as smoke for example) to convert it into green heat sold to the meter. Since 2019, nearly 220,000 megawatt hours have been produced by some sixty of these installations throughout France.

The application

SAMSON valves have proven their usefulness in the operation of GreenBox® infrastructures. These Type 3241 or Type 3260 2-way or 3-way linear valves are used for precise temperature control (heating or cooling network), flow control for energy recovery or pressure differential control. In 2019, SAMSON has equipped 16 infrastructures implemented by the French company.