SAMSON valves directly at the source of Volvic

|   France

Everyone knows Volvic in France. Since the end of last year, SAMSON valves have played a major role - directly at the source - in the factory of the famous Auvergne mineral water brand.

A 250 m drop separates the borehole from the factory, resulting in an upstream pressure of 25 bar. SAMSON hygienic valves, installed at the factory entrance, are designed to control the pressure of water from the spring.

A two-stage pressure letdown
To "break" this high pressure, the first two valves have a delta P of 13 bars and the other two a delta P of 7 bars.

Proof of their importance, the valves operate in batches of two in order to avoid a shutdown of the installation in the case of a failure of one of them. Volvic also has two additional identical valves in stock.

  • This is the first time SAMSON has manufactured hygienic valves with such diameter (DN 150).
  • These six valves (PN 40) have even undergone a final test at 40 bar on our METRUS test bench.