SAMSON Website Relaunched

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On 4 September 2017, the completely new SAMSON website ( went online. The content, navigation, layout, and features are designed to accommodate present-day Internet users’ expectations.

The newly developed product selector is a central feature of our website. It allows users to gradually narrow down their search. Starting from seven product groups (valves, self-operated regulators, actuators, valve accessories, signal converters, automation systems as well as sensors and thermostats), various filters can be set to limit the search for suitable products. Each product has its own page listing the key features, accessories, and options for that particular product. Additionally, all downloads relevant to the product can be found on the page. In this way, users have all information on a product in one place.

Contacting SAMSON has been made easier. Users can use the PIN PRODUCT button to save a product including the filters set to find it. After entering contact data, the user’s inquiry is automatically sent with a  list of the pinned items to the sales office responsible for the region where the user is located.

To meet modern consumer habits, our website design is responsive to adapt it to the device the users are viewing it on (e.g. PC tablet or smartphone).