Major Order by Vattenfall: Proven SAMSON Products in the Digital World

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At the beginning of December 2017, SAMSON AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT and Vattenfall Wärme Berlin AG signed a contract to interconnect more than 31,000 district heating stations in Berlin, Germany using the cloud-based SAM DISTRICT ENERGY application. By the end of 2018, 24,400 utility meters and 3,000 district heating controllers will be linked to SAM DISTRICT ENERGY using 19,100 GPRS gateways. Another 12,600 GPRS gateways are to be installed and connected in Hamburg by the end of 2021. Starting in mid-2018, SAMSON will make the SAM DISTRICT ENERGY services available to its customer Vattenfall all around the clock. The contract value is in the high single-digit million euro range. The SAMSON representatives, Mr. Raul Fuchs (Executive Board Member for Sales and Marketing) and Mr. Wolfgang Beck (Head of German Sales), said that signing the contract marked a milestone in corporate history. For the first time ever, SAMSON succeeded in selling a large number of devices together with a wide range of digital services. Both representatives agreed that the largest project for the remote polling of district heating data in Western Europe opened up an entirely new digital business model for SAMSON.

SAM DISTRICT ENERGY is a web-based solution developed for managing, controlling and optimizing district heating and cooling systems. Flexible gateways are installed to integrate utility meters and district heating controllers into the digital application.

SAM DISTRICT ENERGY is part of SAMSON's SAM DIGITAL product line. The application was specifically developed to meet the requirements that exist in local and district heating systems and it is based on SAMSON's digitalization and automation platform, SAM DIGITAL HUB. SAM DISTRICT ENERGY polls data from utility meters and district heating controllers in real time and visualizes them. As a result, exact consumption statistics can be created and automated billing becomes possible. Analyses of the yearly down to the hourly consumption serve as the basis for an increased energy efficiency within the district heating system.



SAMSON manufactures control valves, butterfly valves and modular automation units for use in all areas of process engineering as well as self-operated regulators for simple control systems with a constant reference variable. Sophisticated transmitters, controllers and automated systems are also part of the SAMSON product range. Solutions from the SAM DIGITAL product line have been added for smart networking of components and systems in process automation to take on the challenges posed by the growing digitalization. SAMSON offers a product portfolio to meet all industrial process requirements together with its subsidiaries AIR TORQUE, CERA SYSTEM, KT-ELEKTRONIK, LEUSCH, PFEIFFER, RINGO VÁLVULAS, SAMSOMATIC, SED, STARLINE and VETEC.


About Vattenfall Wärme Berlin AG

Vattenfall Wärme Berlin is the city´s competent, experienced, and reliable partner working on concrete energy solutions while providing a holistic approach as Berlin´s major heat system operator. We actively shape the energy landscape of the future by establishing a common road map with the City of Berlin. In 2018 we will power climate smarter living through further decarbonizing our district heat and integrating more renewable energy while enhancing digitalization and driving innovation. Our value chain from production, distribution and retail allows us to see the big picture and act on a broader scale to promote concrete climate friendly solutions - customized to meet the needs of the people, enterprises and neighborhoods - for the benefit of Berlin.