Electronic nameplate

Implementation of DIN SPEC 91406 for SAMSON products

At the beginning of 2020, SAMSON started to equip valves, pneumatic actuators and valve accessories with electronic nameplates. Important features of the electronic nameplates are the Data Matrix code and serial number:

  • The Data Matrix code encodes a device marking that is unique the world over.
  • The serial number is a device identifier assigned by SAMSON.

SAMSON implemented the electronic nameplate to comply with the requirements stipulated in the new DIN SPEC 91406 industrial standard (Automatic Identification of Physical Objects and Information on Physical Objects in IT Systems, Particularly IoT Systems).

Added value for our customers:

Enter the serial number or scan the Data Matrix code to view all relevant device data on a device-specific web site provided by SAMSON.

Device identification using the serial number
Device identification using the Data Matrix code

Use an app to scan the Data Matrix code on the device.

How you benefit from electronic nameplates:

Unique device identification
  • The Data Matrix code encodes a unique device marking.
  • The marked device can be identified the world over.
  • The serial number saved in the electronic nameplate remains unchanged throughout the product's entire life cycle.
Machine-readable Data Matrix code
  • The Data Matrix code is machine readable.
  • Use an app installed on your mobile device to scan it and view the encoded information. Go to your app store for iOS or Android devices to download a suitable tool.
  • You can view the saved device data directly on your mobile device.
Get access to device-specific data.
  • The electronic nameplate will take you to a SAMSON web site listing device-specific data and information.
  • All units combined to form the assembled device upon delivery (such as valve, actuator, valve accessories) can be quickly identified.
  • The associated product documentation is accessible without an extra search as well.
Get fit for digital transformation.
  • The amount of data is not restricted to the nameplate.
  • Device data and product documentation are available in digital format. You can access them from anywhere in the world at any time.
  • The unique serial number assigned by SAMSON makes it possible to identify the device for product and support inquiries.
  • Using electronic nameplates makes your company fit for Industry 4.0 and the IIoT.

Using the electronic nameplate is easy:

Enter the serial number or scan the Data Matrix code.

View device information.

Open product documentation.

Identify units within your assembly.