Type 3251-E High-pressure Valve

Consistently Modular Design for the Widest Variety of Applications

  • One body three trims, replaceable in the field
  • Better availability and shorter delivery times
  • Easier installation, start-up and maintenance
  • Easier management of spare parts stocks
  • At least 10 % higher flow coefficient for each valve size
  • Option of fastening the packing from the outside
  • Rounded edges compliant with ISO 12944
  • Spring-loaded PTFE packing with packing gland; certified according to ISO 15848 with tightness class BH CC2 and CH CC3 up to 250 °C

Technical Data

Valve size NPS 3 to 8
Pressure rating Class 600
Type of connection Flanges: RF or RJ ANSI/ASME B16.5
Seat-plug seal Metal seal
Characteristic Equal percentage, Linear, Mod. linear, On/off
Rangeability 50:1
Temperature range 14 to +662 °F (–10 to +350 °C)
Leckage class IV according to ANSI/FCI 70‑2 and DIN EN 60354-4
V according to ANSI/FCI 70‑2 and DIN EN 60354-4

Plug with threaded-in seat

Stem guided valves are commonly used in combination with a threaded ring to retain the seat in place. This design minimizes the number of required spare parts, making servicing the valve very simple and further reduces the total cost of ownership of the valve by reducing the number of spare parts required.  This design also allows it to achieve its maximum Cv value by providing a completely unobstructed flow path.

Plug with clamped-in seat

Stem guided valves are used for most standard applications as they achieve a relatively large Cv value and simpler design with fewer overall components than a comparable cage guided valve. The use of a V-port or perforated style plug allows for a second guiding surface between the seat and plug of the valve to better stabilize the plug under most flow conditions. The free flow path of the valve also makes it impervious to (no erosive) particulates.


Cage guided valves are robust designs that are built for more challenging applications.

The cage guiding holds the piston perfectly stable even under extremely high differential pressure and vibration. The cage can be designed for various types of noise attenuation or cavitation mitigation (Balancing, Cv for On/Off).

Typical fields of application

Hydrocarbons are energy-dense natural resources that have come to define how we power our modern society. Everything from natural gas for combined-cycle power plants to air travel to your favorite destination, these resources are the foundation for these fuels. The responsible production, treatment, and transportation of these resources presents many challenges for equipment manufacturers. SAMSON’s vast experience in this industry lead to the development of the 3251-E that is equipped to handle these various challenges with paramount importance on safety and environmental responsibility. Additional design considerations centered around unique industry requirements such as live-loaded bolted packing, increased wall thickness corrosion allowance, and rounded edges according to ISO 12944 for perpendicular surfaces to allow for optimal paint adhesion.


The chemical and petrochemical industries produce many of the vital products that fundamentally define life as we know it. SAMSON’s experience in these industries can be traced back to the foundation of the company itself. Valves in these important industries will see a multitude of processes and applications. The 3251-E enhances the SAMSON portfolio to be able to handle these requirements with an identical body for interchangeable trim designs, including maximum flow capacity, quick change or highly vibration resistant cage guiding.

The generation of electric power is a fundamental part of modern civilization. Demand continues to increase as a result of the heavy reliance we have on electricity in our daily lives, and the world’s ongoing industrialization and urban development. The 3251-E has been uniquely designed to fit the many challenging applications seen by control valves in several different methods of power generation, including specialized trim designs like the Flow Divider and LDB Cage for noise attenuation in steam control applications.