SAMSON's Highlights at the ACHEMA 2022 Trade Show

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At ACHEMA 2022 from 22 to 26 August, SAMSON will present select exhibits highlighting the focus topics safety and reliability, resource-friendly processes and energy transition in Hall 8.0, Booth C74. "We have made a conscious decision to present SAMSON in a more modern look at ACHEMA. We want to place greater emphasis on our existing design elements, improve our visibility and generally freshen up our image," explains Mr. Michael Kohl, Vice President of Business Development at SAMSON and booth manager at ACHEMA. "Our goal is to instantly attract visitor attention to SAMSON and tickle their curiosity to come see our booth." In addition to carefully selected exhibits from our wide range of control valves, SAMSON also showcases an electrical steam generator as well as digital applications to improve the safety, reliability, cost effectiveness and energy efficiency of process plants. Product highlights on display at the trade show include the following exhibits:

Cryogenic Valve for Hydrogen Applications

Liquefied gases, such as hydrogen, are generated, transported and stored at cryogenic temperatures near absolute zero. Such temperatures call for specially engineered valves capable of resisting these conditions. The Type 3248 Cryogenic Valve is such a valve. All wetted valve parts are made of materials with defined alloy compositions. They withstand the extremely low temperatures, showing no signs of impaired strength and viscosity even after longer periods of controlling the process medium.

Innovative Positioner with APL Technology

Positioners have become key elements at the field level as digitalization in process engineering is growing more and more prominent. The innovative TROVIS 3797 Positioners with PROFINET® communication by SAMSON make the best of the new APL industry standard: fast communication, proven two-wire installation and suitability for use in hazardous areas. The positioners exchange data at 10 Mbit/s, which is up to 300 times faster than with today's fieldbus protocols. This allows data to be transferred to asset management and cloud-computing systems in real time and forms the basis for the systematic aggregation of valve data.

Electric Steam Generator

The transition in the European energy market away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy sources is also changing how steam is generated. The Type 7121 Electric Steam Generators by SAMSON allow steam to be generated directly on site where it is needed without having to use oil or gas. Power ratings of up to 300 kW are possible for the industrial-grade electric steam generators. The units consist of a boiler housing, control valves and a control module integrated into one enclosure. The hot steam, reaching temperatures of up to 184 °C, is available within a very short time. The units can deliver steam to meet varying heat or steam requirements. They can be custom made to meet application-specific requirements by selecting options, such as a mobile base, containerized boiler room, blowdown vessel or feedwater system.

FOCUS-1 Smart Process Node

The first product launched by the FOCUS-ON joint venture established by KROHNE and SAMSON, the FOCUS-1 smart process node, is the first ever to combine sensor, control valve and process control functions in one unit. They measure the flow rate in a pipeline and position the valve to achieve the target set point. The combination of integrated sensors and control valve with an enormously enhanced computing power makes it possible to use complex software applications or even AI-based diagnostics. By running analyses and making predictions on site, the process nodes can pinpoint wear and imminent failure at an early stage to avoid unnecessary downtime. The LEDs to indicate the valve state based on the NAMUR recommendation are visible even from a distance.

SAM VALVE MANAGEMENT: Industry-specific Application for Smart Valve Diagnostics

SAM VALVE MANAGEMENT is a SAM SERVICES application for the smart diagnostics of control valves installed in process plants. It provides a complete overview of all valves fitted with smart SAMSON positioners along with clearly structured valve and plant reports including all relevant messages. To optimize valve status assessments, SAM VALVE MANAGEMENT enhances the EXPERTplus valve diagnostics integrated into the positioners by providing algorithms and trends. Action recommended by the application enables plant operators to immediately respond to unplanned plant shutdowns to improve the availability of their plant.

SAM GUARD® Predictive Analytics Application for the Process Industry

The SAM GUARD predictive analytics solution for the process industry quickly and accurately identifies equipment failures and suspicious operating modes days to weeks in advance. The application combines artificial intelligence with human experience and plant know-how into human-enhanced machine learning. Thanks to a swift implementation without having to install additional hardware, SAM GUARD is up and running in a short time based on existing plant and process data to detect anomalies during operation. By generating less than five actionable alerts per day, the application shines a light on the truly critical components and sections in a plant.