Functional Safety (SIL) in the Process Industry

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KROHNE Academy will organize an online seminar on Functional Safety (SIL) in the Process Industry in cooperation with industry leaders from 20 June to 1 July. SAMSON will be involved in two panel discussions:

Integrated High Integrity Protection Systems (HIPS) solutions

  • High Integrity Protection Systems (HIPS) are multidisciplinary applications that require knowledge of safety and integration on each part of the system. In the procurement process, HIPS applications are treated as commodity products with individual procurement of initiators, logic solvers and final control elements, which may not fulfill the requirements of the safety standards. Therefore, this presentation will highlight the importance of having a single-point responsibility for the complete HIPS loop.
  • Speakers: José María López (SAMSON), Marc Cherit (HIMA)

Systematic actuator sizing and diagnostics for on/off valves

  • We will discuss end user and manufacturer perspectives on actuator sizing according to the WIB standards. In addition, the importance of recurring automatic valve signature tests will be looked at.
  • Speakers: David Wagner-Stürz (SAMSON), Marian Schürcks (SAMSON), Christian Demski (DOW)

KROHNE Academy is a completely free event for registered delegates.

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