SAMSON Welcomes New Apprentices

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During the traditional welcoming of new apprentices, SAMSON cordially greeted the new newcomers. More than 100 participants, including the new apprentices and their parents as well as trainers, works council and executive board members, took part at the event held at the beginning of August.

The welcome addresses given by executive board member Raul Fuchs and the head of training Michael Hintz were followed by a few speeches on the topic of vocational training at SAMSON. Afterwards, the guests took a guided site tour to get to know the company better.

6 of the 56 new apprentices in 2018 were granted a sponsorship contract to prepare them for conventional training next year; 5 of them are refugees. A total of 150 young people complete their vocational training in 12 different jobs at SAMSON.

As a member of the SAMSON family, you have the full support of the entire SAMSON organization behind you for your vocational training and any further training that you may wish to pursue. All kinds of career opportunities are open to you across all divisions and in all levels within the entire company worldwide.

Raul Fuchs, Sales and Marketing Executive Board member

Vocational training is the most way to counteract the shortage of the next generation of employees. The figures speak for themselves. 75 % of the last 1000 apprentices who completed their training at SAMSON are still working for the company.

Michael Hintz, Head of Training