Upgrade of Proven Valve Accessories

New generation of TROVIS 3730-1 and -3 Positioners

At a glance

Device types:

  • TROVIS 3730-1 Electropneumatic Positioner
  • TROVIS 3730-3 Electropneumatic Positioner with HART® communication and EXPERTplus diagnostics

New features

  • Non-contact, protected travel sensing
  • Two inductive limit contacts
  • Only half the air consumption compared to the previous series
  • TROVIS 3730-3: with plain-text display

SAMSON will launch the new generation of TROVIS 3730-1 and 3730-3 Positioners onto the market at the 2018 Valve World Expo. The positioners will be marketed under the name "TROVIS 3730". They combine the proven features of their predecessors with newly developed, optimized functions.

For example, the position sensor has been replaced by a no-wear, non-contact AMR sensor fitted into the positioner housing. This means that the sensor is protected against external influences, which guarantees reliable and precise measurements of the valve travel. The positioner attachment, however, which has proven its worth over decades, remains unchanged: You can conveniently continue to use the established mounting parts for attachment to linear and rotary actuators.

The air consumption of the upgraded positioners has been improved considerably. Compared to the previous versions, the new positioners only need half as much air and have a much more energy efficient pneumatic control loop as a result.

A second inductive limit contact has been added to the available options. Moreover, an optional analog position transmitter is now available for the TROVIS 3730-1 Positioner, which has been optimized for simple 4 to 20 mA applications.

The TROVIS 3730-3 Positioners with diagnostic features come with a plain-text display, which makes their operation even more user friendly. The display texts are available in English and German. Other proven features adopted from the previous positioner versions include the intuitive operation using a rotary pushbutton and automatic initialization.