Heating up Processes with Steam

Compact process control solutions

At a glance

Device type: selected to match the specifications
Valve size: standard up to DN 200
Pressure rating: standard up to PN 40
Permissible temperature range: standard up to 300 °C

Special features

  • Compliant with industry and chemical industry standards
  • Optionally with self-operated regulator or electropneumatic control valve
  • Special units and customized solutions on request

Steam is used as an energy transfer medium in many industrial processes, for example in heat exchangers to heat up the process media handled in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries as well as in other industrial applications. The steam required for the processes is generated by evaporating water at higher pressure and temperatures far exceeding 100 °C. In many cases, however, the maximum permissible pressure in the heat exchanger is lower than the pressure in the steam line directly downstream of the steam generator. As a result, the pressure must be reduced.

SAMSON offers a compact unit to control the steam pressure and steam flow rate as well as the temperature in downstream processes. Fitted with additional safety valves, the unit is already used in many pressure reducing applications. The experts at SAMSON diligently select the valves, actuators, valve accessories and further optional equipment (e.g. bypass lines, cyclone separators, pipeline drains as well as special skids and fixtures) to match the specific application and requirements. Our customers do not need to worry about sizing the individual components themselves, we provide a turnkey solution.