Control and Shut-off Butterfly Valves

At the company headquarters in Neuss (near Düsseldorf), Germany, LEUSCH produces standard valves for industrial applications as well as versions tailored to specific customer specifications. SAMSON LEUSCH stands for German engineering and customized manufacturing of valves to meet specific customer requirements and strict demands.

We specialize in valves for demanding applications. Our control and shut-off butterfly valves with soft or metal seals can be used in both extremely high and extremely low temperatures and at high pressures: temperatures from –196 to +1000 °C, in pressure ratings up to PN 420/Class 2500 and valve sizes up to DN 3000/NPS 120.

SAMSON LEUSCH product line includes control and shut-off butterfly valves and special valves to meet customer requirements. On request, all valves are available with soft or metal seat, with low-noise trims and made of special materials.

The main fields of application covered by our valves include the chemical and petrochemical industry, in refineries, gas extraction and transport, power plant construction, power supply, solar power stations, seawater desalination, ship building, the pulp and paper industry, oil and gas as well as in offshore technology.

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The Triple Offset LTR 43 Control and Shut-off Butterfly Valve is the key product in the SAMSON LEUSCH portfolio. Additionally, the product range includes special valves, also versions fitted with integrated handwheel gearing as well as pneumatic, hydraulic or electric actuators. The triple offset seat conical geometry provides various benefits:


  • No transition from static to kinetic friction between the seat and seat ring
  • The conical shape prevents the butterfly disk from getting jammed
  • Bidirectional flow possible:
    FTC = flow-to-close (the medium helps to close the disk)
    FTO = flow-to-open (the medium helps to open the disk)
  • Maximum shut-off performance even at extreme temperature fluctuations and pressure peaks
  • Extraordinarily long service life due to the valves opening and closing almost without friction and mechanical initial breakaway torque
  • Patented disk profile (patent no. DE 10 2012 102 4720 A1) for supercritical processes
  • Compliance with fire-safe and TA-Luft requirements as standard

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Since 1974, when LEUSCH GmbH was founded as a service company to repair and sell monitoring systems in the field of instrumentation and controls, it has developed to become a leading manufacturer of first-rate industrial valves.

Already in 1985, Jacob Leusch, founder and chief executive officer of Leusch GmbH, used the experience he had gained to design and manufacture standard valves as well as high-pressure valves made of special materials. Within a short time, the company had established itself on the international market with the development of mainly ball valves, segmented ball valves as well as control and shut-off butterfly valves for temperature ranges from –196 to +1000 °C, in pressure ratings up to PN 420 or Class 2500 and in a wide variety of materials.

LEUSCH joined forces with SAMSON in 2003. Today, valves by LEUSCH are used in many sectors of industry.

Our team is available to expertly advise you to find the perfect valve to meet your requirements, regardless of whether you are looking for a standard valve or a valve for challenging applications and extreme conditions. On request, we can adapt every valve specially to suit the application. We are able to optimize the service life, functionality and interchangeability of the valves using variable seat and seal geometries. In addition to the standard materials, such as cast steel and cast stainless steel, we offer versions made of steels and stainless steels for low- and high-temperature service as well as of exotic alloys to meet your requirements. The low-noise components in the control and shut-off butterfly valves are effective, reliable and cost-effective solutions to minimize noise emissions, cavitation and erosion. Our butterfly valves can be adapted to various operating conditions and work in both directions of flow.


Quality is our tradition. To meet the high quality requirements placed on our products, our construction and production are based on the ISO 9001:2015, HP 0/TRD 201 quality management systems as well as on international standards, such as the European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU. All valves leaving our works have been subjected to a 100 % leak, function and quality testing procedure. Thanks to production planning and scheduling, customers know the manufacturing and testing status of their valves at any time.

As a modern manufacturer, SAMSON LEUSCH stands for sustainability and continuity. We use our commitment and technical expertise to achieve the highest level of safety, reliability and durability with our control and shut-off butterfly valves. Every control valve that we make is the result of decade-long experience, continuous development and compliance with the strictest standards.

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