The business application especially for the district heating and cooling sector

SAM DISTRICT ENERGY is a web-based solution for managing, operating and optimizing your heating systems. All key data on connected controllers, utility meters and electric actuators are saved at one central location. Any smart mobile device can be used to access SAM DISTRICT ENERGY.
Use SAM DISTRICT ENERGY on your mobile phone, tablet computer or notebook.

Automation of heating systems

SAM DISTRICT ENERGY provides you with a complete overview of your end users' systems and heating installations. It allows you to enhance your services and respond more quickly to end user demands. The enhanced efficiency optimizes business processes, enabling you to provide your end users with a better customer service. Integrated functions provide make it possible for you to optimize the distribution and supply of your (heating) resources. The hardware map gives an overview of properties and branch distribution.

Optimum monitoring

Individual settings

Smart analysis

Transparency and overview

  • Monitoring of plants and values
  • Plant schemes including real-time data
  • Status with error detection
  • All network data points on one platform
  • Demand distribution
  • Recording of differential pressure measurement
  • Unlimited number of users

Optimization and support

  • Smart Detection to automatically rate plants according to their priority
  • Customizable alarm management
  • Fully graphic parameterization of characteristics
  • Manual override
  • Adapting schedules
  • Vacation mode
  • Event history since integration into SAM DISTRICT ENERGY
  • Automatic controller backup

Heating curves in graphs

  • Historical data traceability for end users and operators
  • Analysis of the actual plant state
  • Dynamic scaling along the timeline
  • Comparison view and functions of selected parameters
  • Export of graphs as csv or image files

Clear visualization of consumption

Clearly arranged map view

Individual layout presentation

Logging of consumption data

  • Overview of utility meters in properties, branches or building stories
  • Adjustable data polling cycles
  • Clear visualization of hourly, daily or monthly consumption
  • Data available to optimize your energy supply or usage
  • Interfaces to ERP systems (API)

Locating function

  • Locating devices on the web interface
  • Map view
  • Status indication directly in the map view

Route management

  • Layout of district heating routes
  • Selection of your specific integrated substations
  • Creation of virtual meters (summation of consumption values)

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