New differential pressure meter with remote data transmission

Media 7 von SAMSON
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The Media 7 is suitable for liquids, gases and vapors, in particular for cryogenic gases, such as argon, oxygen and nitrogen.

The operating modes are adjustable as required:

  • Filling level measurement (with operating pressure) in stationary pressure vessels and transportation vehicles
  • Differential pressure measurement between flow and return flow pipe as well as pressure drop measurement across valves and filters

Special features

  • Microprocessor-controlled transmitter with digital interface
  • Modular design: simple to install or exchange optional additional functions by inserting option modules (four slots in the device)
  • Cabled data transmission or optional remote data transmission over the integrated GSM module
  • Measuring ranges between 0 to 160 mbar and 0 to 3600 mbar
  • Nominal pressure PN 60
  • Internal absolute pressure sensor
  • Modular power supply unit with standby power supply (SPS)
  • 4” backlit graphics display
  • Configuration and programming using the TROVIS-VIEW software
  • Easy operation using capacitive keys
  • Start-up wizard
  • Volume and mass measurements in any type of vessel using a calculation or a freely programmable characteristic
  • Zero and span adjustment activated by key without influencing each other

Technical data

TypeMedia 7
Nominal pressure PN 60, overloadable on one side up to 60 bar; oxygen: PN 50, overloadable on one side within the adjusted system pressure
CharacteristicDifferential pressure proportional to the tank geometry
Sensitivity ≤0.25 % or ≤±0.5 % depending on measuring span selected
Effect of static pressure<0.03 %/1 bar
Degree of protection IP 67 according to IEC 60529 (VDE 0470 Part 1, 2014-09)
Measuring range0 to 160 mbar, 0 to 600 mbar, 0 to 1600 mbar, 0 to 3600 mbar
Power supply: Two-wire version
Output4 to 20 mA
Perm. loadRB = (UB - 12 V)/0.020 A
Supply voltage12 to 36 V DC
Power supply: 24 V version
Input voltage 18 to 36 V DC
Output voltage 12 V DC
Power 24 W
Version Reverse polarity protection

Remote data transmission

Type2G GSM module
FrequencyGSM (900 MHz), AMPS (824-894 MHz), ISM (868 MHz), DCS (1800 MHz), PCS (1900 MHz), 3G (UMTS 2.1 GHZ)
Operating temperature -40 to +70 °C

Media 7 logs all the monitored parameters continuously and transfers them to SAM TANK MANAGEMENT. As a result, an extensive source of data is provided for further analysis. These analyses offer considerable advantages and help save costs. Advantages include:

    • Improvement of delivery scheduling and routes
    • Creation of cost-efficient delivery plans
    • Better utilization of truck capacities
    • Analysis of tank farm sizing
    • Monitoring of maximum filling and avoidance of product loss
    • Monitoring of pressures and analysis of vacuum insulation
    • Avoidance of unnecessary costs incurred due to empty tanks
    • Monitoring of plant states, e.g. overloading of vaporizers
    • Immediate notification in the event of device malfunctions
    • Effective maintenance planning