3-D Printing to Open Up New Opportunities

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SAMSON is entering a new era in product development by taking up additive prototype manufacturing. The prototypes are built up layer by layer using the SLM (Selective Laser Melting) powder bed fusion technique. This 3-D printing method makes it possible to quickly produce metal products that have very complex shapes or geometries. In a first step, SAMSON is manufacturing valve parts from stainless steel 1.4404/316L. Later, other standard metal powders commonly used for components in process engineering will be used as well. The 3-D printer used makes it possible to produce valves in sizes up to DN 80/NPS 3. CFD simulations can be verified under real-life conditions by testing the valves on the test benches installed in the ROLF SANDVOSS INNOVATION CENTER with different process media and under different flow conditions, such as liquids, gases, vapors, multi-phase flows and media containing solid particles.

3-D printing has major benefits, particularly when making parts in small numbers: Less time needs to be spent on changing machinery setups so that small quantities or even tailor-made components can be produced. In addition, considerably less material is required than for the common subtractive manufacturing methods, such as lathing or milling.

SAMSON is also planning to 3-D print custom tools and production equipment in the future to be capable of responding more quickly to changing requirements in production environments. Our customers will surely be interested in our intentions of using the 3-D printer to manufacture spare parts once the test phase has been completed. This method will speed up the manufacturing process and also enable us to custom-make individual parts for products that have already been discontinued.