Control valves and automation solutions for tire production

Maintenance-friendly valves in combination with SAMSON valve accessories proven in the field meet all requirements placed on them. Their modular design makes them flexible for a wide variety of applications concerning possible actuation (self-operated, pneumatic or electric), pipeline interfaces (flanges or sandwich-style design) and control signal (analog or digital). Their quality and easy-to-service design have a positive impact on plant availability. Cleverly devised components, such as the SAMSON SteamUnit or the SAMSON Type 5724-8 Electric Actuator with Process Controller, help optimize essential process stages and increase the cost-effectiveness of plants by reducing energy consumption.

Staff at SAMSON possess a wide-ranging knowledge in valve engineering and different processes. Thanks to the worldwide sales and service network, they can support customers on a local basis.

Raw materials

Production of raw materials

In many factories around the globe, SAMSON control valves are used to manufacture raw materials for the tire industry. Such plants include those to manufacture synthetic rubber (e.g. BR and SBR), silicon dioxide and various additives.

Control valves

Series 240 and 250 Valves are especially suited for these chemical processes. Due to the vast number of possible configurations, the valves can be constructed to operate in almost all process conditions to regulate the flow rate, pressure or temperature of the medium.

Mixing of materials

Achieving the right mixing temperature is just as important as finding the right mixture of raw materials. In many processes, the temperature during mixing must be reached quickly, yet not rise in an uncontrolled way.

Dosing valves

A significant reduction in production time is achieved using the dosing valves by PFEIFFER, a company of the SAMSON GROUP. The piggable valves that are free of dead spaces allow fillers to be dosed automatically into the supply pipe.

Energy Supply


High temperatures and pressures are required to vulcanize natural rubber into elastic rubber. SAMSON supplies customized high-quality control valves with excellent control accuracy for this process.


The SteamUnit by SAMSON is a compact unit to distribute steam and regulate processes. The setup of this ready-to-install system solution to optimize energy consumption can be configured to fit all common connection interfaces.


SAMSON's product portfolio includes the right equipment to heat extruders with steam. SAMSON has many years' experience in controlling steam used as the energy supply.

Self-operated regulators

The right control valves and self-operated regulators is SAMSON's core business. The maintenance-free and easy-to-mount self-operated regulators draw their energy from the process medium to control the process.



Similar to the energy supply, the cooling process must be regulated.

Electric actuators with process controllers

The SAMSON Type 5724-8 Electric Actuators with Process Controllers are designed especially for temperature control loops. They come with two integrated PID control modules to implement differential temperature, override and cascade control. Together with a valve, they form an autonomous, compact control unit requiring no additional external controllers.