Quality assurance

The quality of our products is the key to achieving customer satisfaction and to ensuring the long-term existence of our company. By maintaining close contact with our customers, we are able to always offer reliable, innovative solutions. Every day, we strive to optimize our processes and evaluate the success using performance indicators.

Quality in all areas

We regard the quality of raw materials as the basis for the quality of our products. Dependability and quality consciousness belong to the basic requirements we demand from our suppliers.
The latest production methods and measuring technology guarantee the highest level of quality in the manufacturing of our products. A clearly structured new product development (NPD) process, the latest software solutions, our state-of-the-art R&D test bench, and our product life cycle management form the basis for our technical leadership.
A global sales network with highly qualified sales and service staff allows us to provide extensive after-sales service around the globe.

Quality = staff responsibility

We are convinced that only satisfied customers will do business with us again. Therefore, all members of staff at SAMSON consider themselves responsible for the quality of our products. Through the continuous improvement process, for example, staff actively contribute to continuously improving products and performance. The SAMSON management is committed to the implementation of the corporate total quality policy and supports initiatives for continuous improvement. Our customers benefit from our highly qualified staff and their continuous training.

Quality objectives

Our ultimate objective is customer satisfaction. Therefore, our most important aim is to supply only first-rate quality, offer customers the best products to meet their needs, and to minimize the number of non-conformances as well as the time required to process them. We strive at always acting as a reliable partner for our customers. Consequently, we aim to secure our position on the market. As a result, on-time delivery and product reliability are key to how we define quality.


IMS policy

At the sites in Frankfurt am Main and Homberg/Ohm, SAMSON AG runs an Integrated Management System (IMS), comprising the areas of occupational health and safety, environmental affairs, and energy management. The system calls for standardized IMS documentation containing details on those staff members responsible for the processes, the steering and the continuous improvement of the processes. IMS allows us to better manage environmental protection and occupational health and safety operations, use energy more efficiently as well as fulfill customer requirements better. Furthermore, it allows us to secure and advance our position on the instrumentation and controls market.

In all areas

All staff members of SAMSON AG are obliged to observe and meet the IMS procedures and specifications. The effectiveness of the processes and the results are assessed through measurement. Data are constantly collected and assessed. If necessary, corrective action is taken.


Our ultimate objective is the protection of our staff and visitors to our company, the protection of the environment, and efficient use of resources and energy. The executive board regularly defines specific and measurable targets together with the appointed officers. To achieve these targets, actions and programs are drawn up, their implementation and effectiveness are continuously monitored, and if required, they are adapted accordingly.

Responsibility and Accountability

We consider achieving the targets as a key management function and regard their continuous achievement to be a joint commitment. We will provide the necessary resources for this purpose. The Executive Board regularly checks the effectiveness of IMS through management reviews. Therefore, the SAMSON AG Executive Board takes over direct responsibility.