After-sales service

You can rely on us

Our genuine spare parts meet the same high quality standards that apply to all products made by SAMSON. Tailored spare parts kits are the basis for an efficient maintenance strategy.

Our services cover all stages in the life cycle of our control equipment. They include simple troubleshooting, comprehensive service agreements for entire projects and the return of waste electrical and electronic equipment. We provide the services you need to ensure the availability of your plants and production processes in the long term.

Benefit from our experience

  • Start-up support
  • Optimization of controlled systems to improve plant performance
  • Management of spare parts, repairs and shutdowns for your plant
  • Tests and simulations
  • Extensive training programs for the repair and maintenance of SAMSON products
  • Return and collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment and its environmentally compliant disposal in accordance with EU WEEE legislation
  • Authorized service partners certified by SAMSON

Our team of after-sales service experts knows all SAMSON products inside out and is familiar with the tricks of the trade to successfully complete product start-up.

  • Start-up of systems and complex plant segments including
    • Control of tunneling machinery
    • Steam applications involving anti-surge valves
    • Cryogenic applications involving cryogenic valves, self-operated regulators and digital differential pressure meters
    • Applications in building automation
  • Recently introduced innovations by SAMSON include

Our after-sales service can support you in plant monitoring, help you improve the control accuracy of controlled systems as well as maximize the performance and availability of your plant.

Plant monitoring is based on the data collected in the field by our digital positioners: they analyze the data with the aid of the algorithms used by the EXPERTplus valve diagnostics software and the SAM VALVE MANAGEMENT  asset management system.

  • Upgrade of smart field devices to enable valve diagnostics and asset management (retrofitting)
  • Read out positioner data
  • Predictive plant monitoring with SAM VALVE MANAGEMENT or prescriptive plant monitoring with SAM GUARD®
  • Analysis of device- and plant-related reports
  • Online function testing of safety valves
  • Re-engineering
  • Condensate measurements
  • Implementation and management of electronic nameplates for the unique identification of devices

SAMSON's after-sales service team knows that plant outages can be costly. As part of an effective shutdown management, we assess the conditions on site as early as possible before the service work starts. If necessary, staff are instructed to prepare them for any special working conditions, legal requirements or stricter safety requirements that may apply.

  • Standard repairs and modifications performed on SAMSON and third-party products (self-operated regulators as well as globe, rotary and hand-operated valves, actuators, positioners etc.)
  • Plant walkdowns and asset prioritization to develop a shutdown and service scheme
  • IT-based shutdown preparation
  • Support in spare parts management and stocking the right parts
    • Plant walkdowns and asset prioritization
    • Identification of critical tags
    • Spare parts inventory following manufacturer's recommendations
    • Creation of Spare Part Interchangeability Records (SPIR)
  • Compilation of valve data in a master file including photo documentation
  • Plant revisions and shutdown management performed in cooperation with our service partners
  • On-site and in-house valve decontamination
  • Installation and removal of valves in plants
  • Shuttle service to transport valves to our facilities for servicing
  • Cleaning of valves for oxygen service and food processing in cleanrooms

SAMSON's ROLF SANDVOSS INNOVATION CENTER with its infrastructure and more than 200 test instruments and setups enables our R&D engineers as well as our customers to perform a wide variety of device tests and simulations.

  • Measurement of the valve characteristic and valve flow coefficient testing
  • Research into fluid mechanics and acoustics (including tests with water, air and steam)
  • Static tests and cryogenic flow tests
  • Standard and special valve tests to determine flow coefficients
  • Endurance tests (also in compliance with DIN EN ISO 15848-1)
  • Specific material testing
  • Vibration tests
  • EMC testing
  • Device safety testing
  • CFD simulations
  • Injection molding simulations
  • FEM simulations

We perform all these services reliably on SAMSON and third-party products.

To turn your staff into true product specialists as well, we teach them how to start up SAMSON devices, connect them to a process control system as well as service and repair them. We hold training courses at our training center in Frankfurt, on site at your company or online.

  • Basic training courses in SAMSON's training center
  • Hands-on training courses in the fully equipped Global Training Center (GTC) at our Frankfurt site
  • Training using original products from the SAMSON product range including our CERA, LEUSCH, PFEIFFER, RINGO, SED, STARLINE and VETEC product brands
  • Training programs tailored to participants' needs
  • Training courses in small training groups with no more than five participants held by experts with many years of field experience
  • Training courses held in German or English
  • Training and auditing of authorized service partners

Our after-sales service experts can assist you on site over our remote assistance service. Our team can access the knowledge base at SAMSON to quickly help our customers all across the globe. Smart glasses enable us to provide this online expert assistance in real time.

The after-sales service team also regularly trains and audits our certified service partners to ensure that they handle, repair and service all SAMSON products according to our technical and quality standards.

Return and collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment in Germany

As of 1 January 2023, SAMSON AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT will accept waste electrical and electronic equipment returned in Germany on customer request.
We reserve the right to charge you for equipment disposal in the future.

This applies to all pieces of electrical and electronic equipment bearing the SAMSON logo that were placed on the market after 15 August 2018.

Refer to » Important information on returned devices and how they are handled for further information.

We are represented in over 80 countries to assist our customers on all continents. SAMSON's after-sales service team is capable of providing fast customer service all over the globe.