Subsidiaries with their own brand

SAMSON offers the full range of control equipment used in industrial processes from a single source together with its subsidiaries AIR TORQUE, CERA SYSTEM, KT-ELEKTRONIK, LEUSCH, PFEIFFER, RINGO VÁLVULAS, SED, STARLINE, and VETEC. For many years, this alliance has been well established on the market as the SAMSON GROUP. Since mid-2016, SAMSON Frankfurt and the SAMSON subsidiaries have established a uniform branding. The focal point of the group has shifted to SAMSON as the core brand.


Via alla Campagna n.1
24060 Costa di Mezzate
Bergamo, Italy

The world leader in pneumatic rotary actuators manufactures actuators for all kinds of rotary or quarter-turn valves. Technical highlights provided by AIR TORQUE actuators include external travel stop adjustment and the involute gearing of the rack and pinion, which converts the linear motion into a smooth rotary movement.

Verschleißschutz GmbH

Am Globus 2
07629 Hermsdorf, Germany

High-performance ceramic materials provide solutions wherever standard valves reach their limits in resistance to wear, corrosion, and high temperatures. CERA SYSTEM specializes in ball and sliding disk valves as well as pipe components with ceramic linings. High-precision components made to meet specific customer requirements round off the product range.

KT-Elektronik GmbH

Berlinickestrasse 11
12165 Berlin, Germany

KT-Elektronik specializes in developing and manufacturing microprocessor-controlled equipment. The products are mainly used in HVAC and building automation. A particular focus lies on renewable energy sources.


Ziegeleistraße 10
41472 Neuss, Germany

High-performance valves up to three meters in pipe diameter are the specialty of SAMSON LEUSCH. Control and shut-off butterfly valves, ball valves, and segmented ball valves with soft or metal seals can be used in both extremely high and extremely low temperatures and at high pressures: from –196 to +1000 °C, in pressure ratings up to PN 420/Class 2500.

Chemie-Armaturenbau GmbH

Hooghe Weg 41
47906 Kempen, Germany

The high-quality control, butterfly, and ball valves with homogenous PTFE and PFA linings can be used in a wide variety of applications. The product portfolio also includes metal butterfly and ball valves, turnkey pigging systems and their components as well as sampling systems.


Calle Romero Nº6
Polígono Industrial Empresarium
50720 Zaragoza, Spain

The valve specialist is well known for its large valves with high pressure ratings specifically designed for the oil and gas sector and power stations. The company’s wide product range includes ball valves, globe control valves, gate, globe, and check valves, choke valves, axial flow valves as well as special valves, such as double block-and-bleed or subsea valves.

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SED Flow Control GmbH

Am Schafbaum 2
74906 Bad Rappenau, Germany

SED specializes in the development, manufacture and distribution of diaphragm valves, seat valves and variable area flow meters. In addition, SED offers a wide range of mechanical and electric accessories for monitoring and control that is perfectly tailored to the valves. Valve bodies and actuator components are made of high-quality metals and plastic materials.


Via dei Livelli di Sopra, 11
24060 Costa di Mezzate
Bergamo, Italy

Forged steel ball valves in sizes NPS ¼ to 36 and ANSI Class 150 to 2500 as well as in API A6 pressure ratings are used in special applications, such as upstream, cryogenic, and high-temperature service. Thanks to superior quality, STARLINE is a top supplier to all major oil and gas companies as well as EPC contractors.

VETEC Ventiltechnik GmbH

Siemensstr. 12
67346 Speyer, Germany

VETEC's MAXIFLUSS valves combine the advantages of conventional control valves, butterfly valves, and ball valves. Their universal design allows them to be used in standard and critical applications. Thanks to the eccentric design of the rotary plug, it only comes into contact with the valve seat when the valve is completely closed. This means that the valves can control at high rangeability.