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SAMSON Netherlands


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About us


SAMSON REGELTECHNIEK in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands, was founded in 1974 and currently employs around 40 employees. It is a wholly-owned sales office of the international SAMSON group, present in more than 40 countries worldwide.

  • we keep stock of original SAMSON parts in Zoetermeer;
  • we have the knowledge and expertise of SAMSON equipment;
  • we do the engineering of our equipment;
  • we advice regarding selection and application of instrumentation;
  • we help you find the best solution to instrumentation problems on site;
  • we support you with commissioning your equipment;
  • we translate recommended solutions into custom-made offers;
  • we offer after sales solutions;
  • we offer training and instruction courses.

As a customer-oriented, flexible technical trading company based on the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard, SAMSON responds to market demands.

SAMSON attaches great value to safety, health and the environment and is therefore certified according to VCA* 2017/6.0. Scope: Service activities on control equipment.

SAMSON in Zoetermeer can build control valves from stock, including a 3.1 material and test certification. This shortens SAMSON's time-to-market.

SAMSON REGELTECHNIEK is a Certified FOCUS-1 SALES OFFICE and supports customers with questions and information about FOCUS-ON and FOCUS-1.


You can send an open application to: jobs-NL(at) F.A.O. Mr P. van Vliet (HR department).


Sorry, we do not have any vacancies at the moment.


SAMSON REGELTECHNIEK B.V. is the Dutch base of the international SAMSON company, with over 50 subsidiaries in- and outside of Europe. SAMSON has more than 100 years of experience in the manufacturing of high quality products. It is specialized in industrial control valves, analog and digital control instruments and process control systems. This extensive product range is supported by an expert staff of product, sales and service engineers.

About us
We are situated in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands and have a workforce of about 40 people. As a solid employer we offer a challenging place to work. Leading the way when it comes to innovation and production of measuring and control equipment.

Who are we looking for?
The high standards we set for ourselves and the excellent service we offer our customers are highly appreciated. We are still growing. That is why we are looking for people with an MTS (Secondary Technical School) or HTS (Higher Technical School) education in mechanical or electrical engineering. Also people with a training in MBO/MEAO (Intermediate Vocational Education) or HEAO commercial/administrative (Higher Vocational Education) are welcome. At SAMSON, a customer-oriented feeling for service plays an important role.

What do we offer?
We have a friendly and open atmosphere, which ensures that people feel at home quickly. SAMSON REGELTECHNIEK offers its employees a solid working environment, room for further training and has relatively little staff turnover.

Would you like to work for SAMSON REGELTECHNIEK?
Are you looking for a challenging and varied job and do you appreciate an open collegial working atmosphere? Please feel free to contact Mr P. van Vliet (HR department), telephone number +31 (0)79 - 361 05 01 or respond by email jobs-NL(at)

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Service, Support & Software

SAMSON equipment is known for its high quality, reliability and long service life. In order to keep the equipment in optimal condition, our engineers will be happy to assist you after delivery.


As a wholly-owned sales office of SAMSON, we have the knowledge and expertise of SAMSON equipment. Our services cover all stages of the life cycle of SAMSON control equipment. They include simple troubleshooting as well as comprehensive service agreements for entire projects. Our sales department offers sales solutions and translates solutions in custom-made offers. We assist you in selecting and configuring the right equipment to suit your control requirements.

Original parts

We provide the SAMSON equipment with new original parts and make it suitable for the next life cycle. Revisions are carried out on your premises or in our well-equipped room in Zoetermeer. For each order we will inform you in advance of the expected costs.


At the request of our customers, our service engineers build together control valves, positioners and actuators. In addition, when a valve is converted, it is always tested for leak tightness.

Education & training

It is possible to have your maintenance team instructed and trained by SAMSON REGELTECHNIEK. We also offer basic seminars according to a set program. These basic seminars are provided by our head office in Germany.

SAMSON provides hands-on training courses. These courses take place wherever it is most convenient for you: at your location or in our specialized room at SAMSON in Zoetermeer.

Depending on the purpose of the training, a tailor-made training is made in consultation with the client. Frequently requested training courses are about maintaining and applying SAMSON equipment, gathering knowledge about a specific product (for example the software program TROVIS-VIEW) or control valves in a specific series (for example series 240/250).

Theory vs. practice
During the training the participants put the learned theory into practice. As the participants learn it firsthand, they become familiar with the many possibilities of our instruments and it makes it easier for them to understand what is being taught.

All participants get a certificate at the end of the training.

For whom?
The 'hands-on' training course focuses on (maintenance) technicians, engineers, technical service staff and production staff.

Contact details
To request a quotation or to register your personnel, please contact one of our service engineers, account managers or send an email to service-NL(at)

Guest lectures
Measurement and control technology is an interesting, but sometimes also a difficult field. By sharing the specific knowledge and practical experiences gained in the industry with MTS (Secondary Technical Schools ) and HTS (Higher Technical Schools), SAMSON wants to contribute to the education of students in this field. By linking theory and practice, students gain better insight into how they can put their knowledge into practice.

If you want SAMSON to give a guest lecture at your college, please send an email to info-NL(at) stating "Guest lecture" or call +31 (0)79 36105 01 and ask for Mr Geers.

Teaching material
If you are looking for practical teaching material for students in the control & measurement department, please contact us by email via info-NL(at) stating "Teaching material" or call +31 (0)79 361 05 01 and ask for Mrs Langemeijer.

Information available in German only.


After delivery of SAMSON equipment, our service engineers can support you with commissioning the equipment.

Repair & Maintenance

In case of malfunctions, we perform an analysis and repair the equipment on site. Thanks to modern built-in diagnostic programs, we can quickly get an idea of the maintenance condition of the device and make specific repair and overhaul proposals. Always send a Declaration of Contamination with returned devices that have been in contact with medium.

Always send a Declaration of Contamination when returning devices that have been in contact with a medium.

The shortest possible repair time
We strive to keep our repair time as short as possible by processing repairs in a professional and safe manner.

Declaration of Contamination
As a certified company, SAMSON REGELTECHNIEK is obliged to handle all devices that have been in contact with a medium in a fixed manner. When devices arrive, we need the information from the declaration.

Consignments without a fully completed and signed Declaration of Contamination will not be processed. If a control valve is equipped with a bellow or insulating section, it will have to be dismantled and delivered separately.

Remove existing flange gaskets
In addition, we request that you take care of the removal of any remaining flange gaskets. Please attach the correctly completed safety information sheet clearly visible on the outside of the packaging of each device and send it in advance to SAMSON REGELTECHNIEK.

Reason for return / description of complaint
In order to handle your request as quickly as possible it is important that you describe the requested work in detail. There is a separate section for this. Under "Reason for return / complaint description" you can make your wishes known.

We would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation. By doing it this way we protect both our employees and the environment and delay of the work can be kept to a minimum.

Predictive maintenance

Based on diagnosis via specialist software in the positioner, such as SAM GUARD, communication with TROVIS-VIEW and the web interfaces SAM DIGITAL and SAM VALVE MANAGEMENT.

Periodic maintenance

SAMSON can carry out periodic maintenance of SAMSON equipment at a predetermined frequency. This can be done on location or at the SAMSON office in Zoetermeer.

  • Uw specialist Vijf redenen om SAMSON te betrekken bij het onderhoud van uw regelventielen

VDI 3805 Product data exchange

Do you work with a CAD program? Then try this user-friendly software. The selected product can be displayed in 2D or 3D visualization. It is also possible to export the product drawing to a CAD program for further processing.

3D Volume models

Are you a CAD specialist and looking for 3D volume models of our products? Models of the most commonly used products have become available in 3D free of charge.

The SAMSON database contains the most requested versions of SAMSON products. The 3D models are in STEP and SAT format and can be used and opened in a CAD program. The dimensions of the models are not specified in the program as they are true to scale.

Is the desired product missing?
It is possible that you want a 3D model of a product that is not in the database. You then have two options:

  1. Download the available separate components, such as valve and actuator, and assemble the 3D model yourself.
  2. If desired, SAMSON can create a new 3D model for you. The costs for this are € 50 per 3D model. You can send an e-mail in English to info-NL(at) and state the exact specifications of the product, such as the quotation or order number, including the position number and/or the corresponding configuration ID of the product. As you may understand, it can take several weeks to create a 3D model.
For questions or more information

Requests spare parts: parts-NL(at)

Requests "hands-on" training program: info-NL(at)

All other service requests/questions: service-NL(at)

All other requests/questions: info-NL(at)

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