Early warning


At a glance

Human Enhance Machine Learning: predictive analytics of the entire production plant
SAMSON technology: SAM GUARD predictive monitoring and diagnostics system

Special features

  • Reduction of plant downtime
  • Fast implementation during a workshop held on site at the customer's
  • Plant operator knowledge is incorporated into the analysis of the process

Unscheduled plant downtime in the process industry can lead to a standstill in production and cause high cost. At the same time, many data points in plants are already recorded and saved over long periods of time. But such data can only help plant operators if they are analyzed effectively. Operators want to know as precisely as possible where problems and failures are to be expected in the plant. This is exactly what SAMSON's SAM GUARD predictive monitoring and diagnostics system does.

SAM GUARD analyzes the compiled data through machine learning and big data analysis, detects any anomalies and identifies the tags among the thousands of field devices and plant components that will need to be inspected, replaced or repaired in the future. The system monitors the entire plant and recognizes cause-and-effect relations between the components to allow alerts to be generated early on. Unlike other systems, SAM GUARD generates only a few truly actionable alerts daily. SAM GUARD spotlights truly critical plant components and helps prevent unexpected plant downtime and failure.