Aseptic Filling Processes

Diaphragm valves used with a load cell

At a glance

Pilot setup: Filling applications
Equipment/technology used:
Type MFF multi-port valve blocks, Series 207 Automatic Valves
Automation: identification of units by RFID tags, TROVIS 6610 CPU Module, electric position feedback using 024.50 transmitter in IO link version

Special features

  • Demonstration of the filling and cleaning processes
  • Position feedback using the new 024.50 transmitter in the IO link version
  • All units identifiable using QR code or RFID tag
  • Online measurement of contents using a load cell

Diaphragm valves play a key role in aseptic filling processes in the pharmaceutical, biotech, food and beverages industries as well as in other applications where users expect minimal dead spaces, no cross-contamination and quick changes of process media.

The pilot filling system demonstrates how the process medium is stored and filled into suitable containers and how the system is cleaned.

Installed equipment includes proven diaphragm valve solutions engineered by SAMSON SED, such as the flexible MFF multi-port valve block for distributing and filling service. The block with minimized dead cavities can be expanded to include up to 30 valves.

The load cell included in the pilot setup ensures reproducibility and the highest accuracy in the filling process, which means that the different flow behaviors in the sections of the controlled system are balanced.

As a novelty, the mounted units can be clearly identified by RFID tag or QR code. The associated documentation can be opened in the new mobile app.