Custom-made Functionality in a Compact Unit

Flexible multi-port valve blocks

At a glance

Device type: Type MFF multi-port valve block
Scope: 2 to 30 valves
Valve size: according to specifications
Pressure rating: according to specifications
Permissible temperature range: according to specifications

Special features

  • Design optimized for draining
  • Reduces surface contact, collection of residue and microbiological contaminations
  • Fewer fittings, pipes and weld seams in the plant
  • Types of connection and materials to match customer specifications

Multi-port valve blocks are used in the production of pharmaceutical and sterile products, mainly for isolating pipelines, dosing, draining, feeding, sampling, distributing and mixing process media. Other applications include cleaning, such as SIP and CIP. The SAMSON SED multi-port valve blocks have bar-stock bodies.

With their flexible design, the Type MFF blocks combine two to thirty valves into a compact unit. The seals between the different elements in a block comply with DIN 11864, using a partly open O-ring for optimized cleanability and fewer dead cavities. The blocks have a mirror design and pipe sockets in different lengths, which makes it possible to use clamp connections even in such a compact setup. In addition, plants and other system solutions can be standardized.

SAMSON SED tailors its multi-port valve blocks to the specific customer requirements. Proactive cooperation with the customers at the specification and sizing stages enables SAMSON SED to customize the valve blocks to the mounting situation on site as well as the drainage direction and the direction of flow. The result is an optimized multi-port valve block that brings together the required functions in one extremely compact unit.