Transparent Overview of All Smart Valves

Secure web-based data access using SAM DIGITAL

At a glance

Demonstrator: SAM DIGITAL with predictive maintenance
Equipment/technology used: TROVIS 3793 Positioner, SAM PROCESS gateway, SAM DIGITAL

Special features

  • Overview of all smart valves
  • Dashboard with all relevant operating and diagnostic parameters
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Immediate detection of malfunctions

SAM DIGITAL makes it possible to access final control elements and sensors anywhere at any time regardless of the process control system used. The fully web-based solution was developed by SAMSON for the chemical industry to link the smart control valves installed in a plant with the SAMSON cloud using the SAM PROCESS gateway. All device data are saved, managed, analyzed and clearly visualized in the cloud. The valve overview lists all connected valves with their respective status. On top, device details, such as measured, target and actual values, can be displayed on the device dashboard.

Strictest security standards are complied with, both for data transmission and the cloud, which is hosted in Germany and according to German law. The sensitive data collected in the field are transmitted over protected lines and securely saved to the cloud. This enables users to access their data anywhere at any time without any risks.

The demonstrator links several control valves fitted with TROVIS 3793 Positioners to SAM DIGITAL using the SAM PROCESS gateway. In the web interface, the connected valves are shown in the device overview. Failed devices can be identified quickly based on their NAMUR status. As a special service, the diagnostic data provided by the SAMSON positioners are analyzed and assessed so that specific troubleshooting instructions can be displayed on the device dashboard in addition to the pure compilation of data.