Up in the SAP Cloud

Networking of field units in brown-field plants

At a glance

Demonstrator: connection of positioners to SAP IoT Application Enablement (SAP IoT AE)
Equipment used: Types 3730-3 and 3730-4 Positioners (available since 2001)

Special features

  • Visualization, clear structuring and analysis of valve data
  • Compilation of all plant data possible
  • Intelligent data handling: turning data into information

Many production plants are run for 20 years or more. They were planned at a time when the current demands for communication across all levels were still unheard of. SAMSON is examining how to make data, which are generated by field units installed in existing plants, usable for cloud-based monitoring and optimization.

The majority of control valves is automated by positioners. Smart positioners with diagnostic functions and communication features have become state of the art. The demonstrator shows that these smart field units can be used to link individual control valves to the SAP cloud without interfering with the existing process control system.

The exhibit includes two control valves, each one fitted with a smart Series 3730 Positioner. Using WirelessHART® (Type 3730-3 Positioner) and PROFIBUS® PA (Type 3730-4), the two positioners cyclically read the process and diagnostic data and transmit them through a cloud gateway to the SAMSON application running in the SAP cloud. This is where the data are structured, analyzed and clearly visualized on a dashboard. As a result, predictive maintenance becomes possible.