SAMSON Implements Anonymous BKMS® Incident Reporting Whistleblower Software

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Having a positive, open and transparent corporate culture entails complying with the legal, social and in-house corporate rules and regulations. Damaging conduct or hazards can put companies at risk. This is why SAMSON has implemented the anonymous BKMS® Incident Reporting whistleblower application. At, anybody – any staff member, supplier, customer or business partner – can report damaging behavior, such as corruption, fraud, embezzlement, theft, discrimination as well as violations of the regulations that govern data protection, occupational health and safety or the supply chain.

The whistleblower application is available everywhere in the world. The top priority in incident reporting is to protect whoever reported an incident. The privacy protection functions of the application, which guarantee whistleblower anonymity, have been certified by an independent body. Encryption and other special security routines ensure that everybody can report an incident anonymously.