Largest Project for Remote Polling of District Heating Data in Western Europe

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At the beginning of December 2017, SAMSON AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT and Vattenfall Wärme Berlin AG signed a contract to interconnect more than 31,000 district heating stations in Berlin, Germany using the cloud-based SAM DISTRICT ENERGY application. By the end of 2018, 24,400 utility meters and 3,000 district heating controllers will be linked to SAM DISTRICT ENERGY using 19,100 GPRS gateways. Another 12,600 GPRS gateways are to be installed and connected in Hamburg by the end of 2021. Starting in mid-2018, SAMSON will make the SAM DISTRICT ENERGY services available to its customer Vattenfall all around the clock. The contract value is in the high single-digit million euro range.

Signing this contract marks a milestone in the history of SAMSON. For the first time ever, we succeeded in selling a large number of our devices together with a wide range of digital services.

Raul Fuchs, member of the SAMSON AG Executive Board for Sales and Marketing


SAM DISTRICT ENERGY makes it easy for you to manage, control and monitor integrated house substations. Its main features include convenient logging of utility meter readings, traceability of heat supplied, ensuring fault-free operation, efficient alarm management and targeted diagnostics. Access is simple and possible from all across the world using a notebook or tablet computer or your smartphone. In line with the latest standards and to ensure data security, the data are exclusively saved in professionally managed computing centers in Germany.

Efficient energy management

  • Simple integration of controllers, utility meters etc.
  • Worldwide access
  • Can be used with all common smart devices
  • Historical data (trends) for all integrated devices
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Convenient management functions (find, sort, show on map)
  • User administration
  • Alarm management
  • Wide variety of user tools
  • Company and single-user accounts available
  • Active assistance in customer support
  • Provision of data for billing and analysis

What we have to offer

Gateways are used to record the energy consumption at every station and make the associated data available on the central SAM DISTRICT ENERGY platform. For this purpose, the smart gateways are connected to the utility meters as well as to SAM DISTRICT ENERGY. They poll the consumption data from the meters and transmit them to the platform. Meter numbers and consumption data are clearly assigned to one another in SAM DISTRICT ENERGY so that the heat consumption and billing information are updated every 15 minutes for every customer. It is no longer necessary to read the meters on site. The large amount of data recorded also makes it possible to analyze the local and district heating networks the consumers are connected to and increase their efficiency. The resulting benefits are a lower energy consumption and reduced carbon dioxide emissions.

Which devices can be used with SAM DISTRICT ENERGY?

SAM DISTRICT ENERGY is suitable for use with all common smart meters as well as the SAMSON heating controllers from the TROVIS 5500 Automation System series.

  • Polling data from individual heat meters
  • Heat consumption in strands
  • Export functions

SAM DISTRICT ENERGY is part of SAMSON's SAM DIGITAL product line. The application was specifically developed for local and district heating systems and is based on SAMSON's digitalization and automation platform, SAM DIGITAL HUB.