Precognize integrated into SAMSON's product range

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SAMSON AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT, a leading international manufacturer of control valves for process automation, has acquired the Israeli start-up Visual Process Ltd. and with the start of ACHEMA, SAMSON will offer its customers the technologically leading predictive monitoring and diagnostic tool SAM GUARD based on Precognize. The transaction value remains confidential.

SAM GUARD is used for predictive maintenance on several thousand valves and other field devices in industrial plant operation and complements the SAM DIGITAL solutions portfolio. SAM stands for “SAMSON ASSET MANAGEMENT”. The SAM DIGITAL solutions combine decades of experience and SAMSON‘s in-depth understanding of processes with the latest technologies and smart information. Customers are offered real added value by the resulting optimization of their processes.

Mit SAMSON haben wir den perfekten mittelständischen Partner für den globalen Ausbau und Betrieb von Precognize gefunden.

Chen Linchevski, CEO von Visual Process

I view the connection between SAMSON and Precognize as completely synergetic and as one which will enable SAMSON to continue to provide its customers a superior service.

Yaron Carni, member of the Visual Process Executive Board

The DNA, vision and strategic positioning of both companies complement each other uniquely. This brings us closer to our goal of becoming the market and innovation leader for intelligent, networked valve technology in process automation.

Andreas Widl, CEO of SAMSON

Precognize provides SAMSON with the most sophisticated and advanced process monitoring tool to detect system abnormalities in advance, enabling the operator to take the right action to counteract system failures.