SAMSON Uses FDI for Predictive Maintenance

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At the Automation show in Baden-Baden, Germany, SAMSON presented how it uses FDI in the predictive maintenance of control valves. No proprietary control system interfaces are used to access the required field device data but the open, manufacturer-independent OPC UA interface, which allows for standardized data exchange.

Every field device type is described in an FDI Package, which includes all data on the field device (e.g. functions, parameters, diagnostics) and integrates them into the FDI server. Using an OPC UA client, SAMSON's asset management tool TROVIS SOLUTION can access the relevant data in the positioner. Based on long-term monitoring, predictions can be made on the valves' future ability to perform its functions and action can be taken for predictive maintenance, for example during a scheduled plant shutdown.

With FDI, devices can be fully integrated into control systems without requiring system-specific descriptions. This open exchange of data across systems saves time and money and forms the basis for offering superior services in Industry 4.0 environments.

TROVIS SOLUTION is an asset management tool for control valves equipped with smart SAMSON positioners. The tool reads positioner data from all connected control valves, analyzes them, and saves them in a database. TROVIS SOLUTION is used for optimizing plant performance, providing predictive maintenance as well as documenting tag history and identification data.