Smart Automation in HVAC and District Energy Projects

Smart automation with SAMSON TROVIS 6611-2
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The TROVIS 6611-2 Control and Automation Unit by SAMSON makes it easy for you to operate and control small and large systems in HVAC and district energy environments. The intuitive menu structure allows complex technical interactions to be displayed clearly on the touch screen or over the integrated web server. Maximum security is ensured by various user roles and access over secure connections. A USB flash drive is all it takes for fast, effective start-up.

Operation and Control

Easy start-up
  • Load and save applications on a USB flash drive
  • „„Start-up possible without a computer
  • „„Data backup after start-up
  • „„Module assignment at the touch screen display
  • „„Manual override of all inputs and outputs
  • „„No expensive special peripherals required
  • „„Firmware update via USB
Operation and visualization
  • Web visualization over web server (HTML5)
  • „„Web visualization and on-site operation with the same setup
  • „„Additional simultaneous access over computer, smartphone, or tablet computer
  • „„Manual operating level independent of the application
  • „„No additional license fees
  • „„Clearly structured menu navigation
For easy project management, we offer ready-configured standard applications and function blocks that can be linked as required

Ready-configured standard applications

  • Ventilation control
  • Heat exchanger sequence control

Function blocks to be linked as required

  • Arithmetic functions
  • Analog functions
  • Logic functions
  • Binary functions
  • Control functions
  • Count functions
  • Management functions
  • Time management
  • Diagnostics
  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Control components

Project Management

Easy programming

Function blocks, which represent entire parts of a plant, enable users to implement plants without the need for extensive programming skills. Entire projects are set up with the use of a few function blocks.

Easy plant visualization

The graphical project management tool developed by SAMSON allows users to program customized applications and create plant visualizations. Users can apply automatically generated text for the plant structure and add customized graphics for menu navigation. Text and graphics are automatically scaled for display in a web browser on a computer or smartphone.


The system automatically generates assignment and parameter lists, applications, and menu navigation structures.

Remote access thanks to open communication

The automation unit can communicate with other components, systems, installations, or cloud-computing providers, e.g. SAP S/4HANA, as well as make data available for remote access over BACnet IP, OPC UA, MQTT, or Modbus RTU/TCP.

Data Security and Alarm Notification

Data security standards

Data can be viewed from anywhere at all times and protected against unauthorized access.

  • Security protocols: SSL, SSH, HTTPS etc.
  • Individual password assignment
  • VPN capable
  • AES-256 encryption for Modbus
User groups

When logging on, users or user groups only have access to data they are permitted to see.

  • Access to data depending on the user group
  • Restricted access privileges
  • User administration
Trends and alarm notification

Changes by users are logged over time. This information forms the basis for data logging, the search function, fault analysis, and alarm notification.

  • Traceability
  • Verification
  • Data logging using USB
  • Fault analysis
  • Alarm notification by e-mail or text message