Supply pressure regulators: supplying pneumatic measuring and control equipment with a constant supply pressure

Supply pressure regulators by SAMSON
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Supply pressure regulators are used to provide pneumatic control equipment with a constant supply pressure. They control the pressure of a compressed air network to the adjusted pressure. The Type 4708 Supply Pressure Regulator can be used in a wide variety of applications. The regulator is quick and easy to adjust at the adjustment screw. Low-temperature versions for use down to –50 °C are available for some device versions.

Our supply pressure regulators can be equipped with a filter receptacle and a pressure gauge on the outlet side. The pressure gauges are available entirely made of stainless steel (therefore completely free of any copper alloy) or with a stainless steel housing and brass measuring element. The body is available either in aluminum or stainless steel.

Installation into the pipeline as required  
Direct attachment to positioners   
Direct attachment to SAMSON actuators   
Supply pressure regulator with increased air capacity   


The wide variety of options for the Type 4708 makes it suitable for use in various fields of application:

Supply pressure regulators with continuously adjustable set point range

  • Types 4708-10 to -17: supply pressure regulators for installation in the pipeline as required
  • Type 4708-45: supply pressure regulator with increased air capacity
  • Types 4708-53 to -55: supply pressure regulators for direct attachment to various positioner
  • Types 4708-62 and -64: supply pressure regulators for direct attachment to Type 3277 and Type 3372 Pneumatic Actuators
  • Types 4708-65 and -66: Supply pressure regulators for direct attachment to Type 3379 Pneumatic Actuator

Further versions

  • Type 4708-82: manual/automatic switchover functioning as a pneumatic bypass for positioners
  • Types 4708-83 to -87: compressed air filters

Together with valve accessories, pneumatic control valves serve as engineered solutions for special applications. SAMSON has been developing and manufacturing high-quality valves, actuators and valve accessories for over 100 years. Thanks to our experience and expertise as well as customer requirements, we have continuously developed the individual components and optimized their interaction.

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