Michael Kohl Joins SAMSON as Vice President of Business Development

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Since 1 February 2022, Michael Kohl has been in charge of Business Development at SAMSON. According to Dr. Andreas Widl, Chief Executive Officer of SAMSON AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT, Michael Kohl will support SAMSON to evolve into a data-driven, process-oriented industrial company with a clear strategic focus. "This transformation as well as the expected global growth accompanying it can only be achieved through clear go-to-market strategies, coordinated key account management, standardized processes and a clear flagship brand," adds Marcus Miertz, former CEO of SAMSON PFEIFFER and new Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at SAMSON since 1 January 2022. Marcus Miertz believes that Michael Kohl with his outsider's perspective will trigger new developments and contribute to digital transformation.

Michael Kohl, who has a degree in Business Administration, started his career in management consulting. He then changed to Continental where he took on greater responsibility in Sales, Marketing and Retail Management. Eight years ago, he joined Goodyear Europe and took over as Marketing Director and Director of Business Development and Strategy.