Plant Engineering

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The complex plant engineering equipment and systems are at the heart of the ROLF SANDVOSS INNOVATION CENTER. They enable SAMSON to cover a wide variety of tests, process media, process conditions and fields of application.

The installed power, which corresponds to that of approximately 220 average households, is used to drive pumps with frequency converters, compressors, machine tools and many other test instruments. A large proportion of the installed power is required to operate 18 pumps with different output pres­sures of up to 120 bar, flow rates as high as 9000 m³/h and various media.

The complex infrastructure includes a wide pipeline network to supply the required media to a max­imum of 26 test benches. One of the key resources is the water reservoir, which weighs 80 t and can hold 400 m³. Over two kilometers of pipes in nominal sizes up to DN 1000 are installed in the ROLF SANDVOSS INNOVATION CENTER. More than 250 valves in different sizes and pressure ratings manufactured by SAMSON and its subsidiaries are used to shut off and control the flow in the center‘s pipelines.

The high-pressure test system is one of only a few worldwide capable of simulating liquids that contain solids. This is vital in performing fundamental research, particularly for the oil and gas sector. The system‘s design allows the concentration of solids to be adjusted; up to 1-mm-large solid particles can be added to the test media and filtered out again as required.

The digital infrastructure comprises approximately 1700 signals and integrates the final control elements as well as the sensors into a networked measuring and automation landscape. The sensors record variables, such as pressure, flow rate, temperature, filling level, changes in travel, force, torque, con­ductivity and noise level. Approximately 40 % of the signals belong to the fixed installation.

The wide variety of valves and pumps in different sizes and styles enables SAMSON to emulate the complexity of our customers‘ plants. Using the infrastructure installed in the ROLF SANDVOSS INNOVATION CENTER, we can perform classic valve tests as well as simulate networked scenarios for future applications.