SAMSON KT-ELEKTRONIK presents wireless network solution

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The new wireless network is a smart solution for wireless communication to connect sites with each other using unlicensed radio frequency bands totally independent from network providers. Thanks to ingenious software, the RF gateways used form dynamic, flexible wireless networks themselves without having to rely on external providers. The wireless mesh network impresses through its self-configuring and self-healing capabilities. As a result, the wireless networks are rugged, reliable, and independent of network specifics. This solution is also well suited for Industry 4.0 applications.

The RF gateways and the frequency bands used are tuned to ensure that long transmission ranges can easily be overcome and stable communication networks can be formed, even from the basement of a building. No outdoor antennas are necessary in this case. The wireless network can be easily installed without the need for specialist knowledge. New RF gateways automatically integrate themselves into existing networks. A central aggregation node collects the encrypted data and acts as the interface to the control system. This enables remote access for maintenance and convenient control from any computer connected to the Internet.

The wireless network is already in use in a residential area (Paul-Hertz-Siedlung) in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Just one single broadband Internet access is required in this project for operation, visualization, control, and maintenance of 60 district heating stations over the aggregation nodes. Furthermore, meter data from the district heating stations are read over the RF gateways without using controllers.