Electric actuator with process controller for heating and cooling applications

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SAMSON has extended its product portfolio for electric actuators with process controller by the Type 5724-8. The electric actuator comes with two integrated PID control modules that can be configured individually to implement differential temperature, override and cascade control. Ready-configured plant schemes along with the ready-wired sensors and connecting line facilitate start-up in typical heating and cooling applications. Additional configurations can be set using the free TROVIS-VIEW software. The set point can be modified on site directly on the unit.

Electric actuators with process controllers are a combination of an electric actuator and a digital process controller. Together with a valve, they form a compact control unit requiring no additional controllers. SAMSON offers electric actuators with process controller in versions with and without fail-safe action. Versions with fail-safe action "actuator stem extends" are tested by the German technical surveillance association (TÜV) according to DIN EN 14597 in combination with various SAMSON valves.