Marking of Additively Manufactured Parts

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At the end of February 2021, SAMSON achieved certification as a materials manufacturer for the additive manufacturing (AM) of parts in compliance with the Pressure Equipment Directive. By applying the laser beam powder bed fusion method for metals (LB-PBF-M), SAMSON is capable of making non-pressurized and pressurized valve parts of the stainless steels 1.4401/316 and 1.4404/316L.

Valves and parts made by SAMSON using additive manufacturing procedures are marked as follows:

Material no.
Material no.
Marking of parts that require an inspection certificate
SPBF 1.4401/S31600
SPBF 4401/316
SPBF 4401 or SPBF 316
1.4404/316LSPBF 1.4404/S31603SPBF 4404/316L
SPBF 4404 or SPBF 316L

If parts are additionally heat treated, AT is added to the material number (e.g. SPBF AT 4401/316).

On customer request, 3.1 inspection certificates can be issued or 3.2 inspection certificates can be certified by the purchaser's authorized inspector and SAMSON.

The material properties of printed stainless steels are documented in SAMSON Materials Specification 4000189328 and can be made available on customer request.

The 3-D printer used, a TruPrint 3000 by Trumpf, makes it possible to manufacture valves and parts up to 400 mm in height, 300 mm in diameter and max. 250 kg in weight.