TROVIS 3793 Positioners

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The positioners use proven mounting kits and have a modular design.

High air capacities and variable outputs, e.g. double-acting control, can be achieved by using exchangeable pneumatic modules that can be retrofitted. Optional additional functions, such as limit switches, position feedback or binary inputs and outputs, can be added to the positioner on site as option modules. This allows positioners to be easily adapted to customer requirements at any time.

Extensive diagnostics, communication over HART® protocol, ease of operation with a multilingual plain-text display, and a protected non-contact sensor system contribute to making the positioner a first-rate device.

TROVIS-SAFE device for on/off valves in safety-instrumented systems

Version with a pneumatic module

Version with a pneumatic and an option module

Version with two pneumatic modules and hardware limit switches

Key figures

  • TROVIS 3793 for use on control valves
  • TROVIS SAFE 3793 for use on on/off valves in safety-instrumented systems
  • Attachment to linear or rotary actuators
  • Type of protection Intrinsic safety or Non-sparking equipment
  • HART® communication
  • Optional modules with binary contacts (NAMUR or PLC), limit contacts (inductive or mechanical), forced venting function, binary input, or analog position transmitter

Special features

  • High air capacity, i.e. no additional accessories required
  • Plain-text display with NAMUR Recommendation NE 107 states and messages on the device
  • Rugged no-wear travel sensing
  • Integrated diagnostics