Fluid Mechanics

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We are SMART IN FLOW CONTROL. We are committed to understanding and controlling the flow of media.

Process media in all possible conditions, such as liquids, gases, vapors, multi-phase flows and even liquids containing solid particles, can be simulated on different test benches in the ROLF SANDVOSS INNOVATION CENTER.

In the Flow Labs, valves in sizes up to DN 500 (optionally up to DN 1000) can be subjected to flow, acoustic and functional tests, they can be calibrated and their operation under specific plant condi­tions can be simulated. This means that all flow-relevant coefficients can be determined: they guaran­tee the proper functioning of the SAMSON products and ensure that the results can be transferred to the media our customers employ.

When operated at its maximum capacity, the ROLF SANDVOSS INNOVATION CENTER provides 26 test benches grouped into different Flow Labs based on test medium, pressure and type of application. The flow test benches have a modular design, which means that different valve styles (e.g. globe, three-way or angle valves) and valve types in various face-to-face dimensions can be examined.

Different test media are used in the Flow Labs as well. Flow rates of up to 9000 m³/h can be generated on the water test benches. Critical process conditions with pressures of up to 120 bar can be simu­lated on the high-pressure test bench. If required, solid particles in varying concentrations and sizes up to 1 mm can be fed into this system. This enables SAMSON to optimize the ruggedness and wear resistance of our products to meet challenging conditions, as they exist for example in the oil and gas sector or in mining applications.

When it comes to compressible media, test benches designed for superheated steam and air with a maximum flow rate of 70 t/h are available. For industrial applications, products can be simulated as stand-alone devices or as nodes in district heating or cooling networks in the Flow Labs. Special test fields also permit SAMSON to investigate cold-box applications, which are encountered in air sepa­ration systems and involve handling liquid nitrogen at cryogenic temperatures.