Life Cycle Tests

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SAMSON products are characterized by their long service life, even if they are operated in the most adverse process and ambient conditions. To achieve this durability, individual parts as well as com­plete control valves are subjected to comprehensive life cycle tests in the ROLF SANDVOSS INNOVATION CENTER.

How long a control valve can withstand the conditions in a plant depends on a number of factors. The tests cover the materials‘ chemical, thermal and mechanical resistance as well as their suitability for specific climate conditions. In addition, the effects of different process and plant conditions, such as cavitation erosion or flow-induced vibration at closure members, must be taken into account. Know­ing exactly which conditions are critical to a valve‘s service life is an important indicator of quality. SAMSON is capable of predicting the maintenance intervals to be observed in a specific application based on a large database.

The ROLF SANDVOSS INNOVATION CENTER provides numerous test facilities to determine the service-life coefficients de­pending on the conditions for individual parts, assemblies and complete control valves.

Lab ovens, climatic cabinets and simulation systems for different atmospheric environments are used to analyze the maximum permissible conditions of use for materials and parts. The products‘ proper functioning, however, is verified using specialized test equipment and setups, for example to measure a control valve‘s seat leakage and the emissions it produces. The effects that vibrations have on the operation and transport of devices are analyzed on vibration test benches.