Heating and district heating controller


  • Building automation


  • Heating control
  • Solar thermal systems
  • Temperature control
  • Local heat supply
  • District heating
  • Domestic hot water
  • Meter data recording
  • Cooling control

Special features

  • Heating and district heating controller
The TROVIS 5573 Heating and District Heating Controller is used to control max. two control circuits:
  • Control of a primary heat exchanger or boiler
  • Max. one mixing and one non-mixing heating circuit (both outdoor temperature controlled) as well as control of DHW heating in the secondary circuit
  • Outdoor-temperature-controlled buffer storage tank control with solid fuel boiler and solar circuit control
  • Control of one outdoor-temperature-controlled heating circuit and a DHW heating with two valves in the primary circuit
  • Control of two outdoor-temperature-controlled heating circuits with two valves in the primary circuit
  • With icons on the display
  • Direct access to the operating modes and essential parameters of the individual control circuits using a rotary pushbutton
  • Enter and retrieve data intuitively by turning and pressing the button
  • 365-day clock with max. four time schedules and automatic summer time/winter time changeover
  • Max. three times-of-use per day (entered in steps of 15 minutes)
  • Room panels can be connected for the individual heating circuits
  • Demand-driven control by set point demand by subsequent controllers using an 0 to 10 V signal
  • Applications including solar thermal DHW available
  • Heating characteristic optionally based on gradient or four points
  • Flexible limitation of the return flow temperature
  • Adaptation: automatic adaptation of the heating characteristic (room temperature sensor required)
  • Optimization: calculation of the best possible activation and deactivation times for heating (room temperature sensor required)
  • Drying of jointless floors function with adjustable parameters
  • Controller flash EPROM (operating system) can be updated
  • Meter bus communication with up to six meter bus units using external meter bus gateway
  • Modbus communication using external modules
  • Configuration and parameter setting using memory module or online using USB Converter 3 and the TROVIS-VIEW Software
  • Data logging function
  • Service hotline for heating controllers from the TROVIS 5400 and 5500 Automation Systems (fees apply)


  • Type 5227-2 Sensor for outdoor temperature
  • Type 5277-2 and 5267-2 (contact sensor) Sensors for flow, return flow, and storage tank temperature
  • Type 5257-11 (room panel) Sensor for room temperature
  • Mini module
  • Memory module
  • Data logging module
  • 55Bluetooth modul
  • USB Converter 3 with Datalogging Viewer Software
  • TROVIS-VIEW Software (free of charge)
  • RS-232/PC communication module
  • RS-485 communication module for Modbus RTU two-wire bus network
  • 4-port bus hub
  • SA5000 overvoltage protection for two-wire bus network
  • CoRe 02 Universal Bus Unit
  • Modbus TCP gateway
  • Modbus GPRS gateway
  • RF gateway
  • 55Viewer visualization and user interface


  • Version with high base


  • WA 326

    Brochure: TROVIS 5500 Automation System
    Communication at a Competitive Price for Local and District Heating
  • WA 356

    Brochure: TROVIS SMART APPs
    Convenient Access to Smart Controllers
  • T 5590

    TROVIS 5590 Web Module
  • T 5409

    Communication components
    Field of application:
    TROVIS 5500, TROVIS 6400 and TROVIS 6600 Automation Systems
  • T 5573

    TROVIS 5573 Heating and District Heating Controller
  • T 6661

    TROVIS-VIEW software
    TROVIS 6661
  • T 5500

    Regler und Systeme für die HLK-Technik
    Heizungs- und Fernheizungsregler


  • KA 5573

    Heizungs- und Fernheizungsregler TROVIS 5573
  • EB 5573

    TROVIS 5573 Heating and District Heating Controller
    Firmware version 2.4x
  • EB 6661

    TROVIS-VIEW 4 Software
    TROVIS 6661

DXF file from data sheet


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