SAMSON products are used worldwide in a wide variety of applications. Our state-of-the-art control valves, automation systems and digital solutions function reliably and guarantee the high availability of your plants and systems.

Oxygen: Tackling a burning issue

  • SMS Siemag
  • Type 3241

Indian companies play an important role on the world-wide steel market: ArcelorMittal, Jindal Steel, Tata Steel and Bhushan Steel figure among the top players in the industry. In 2011, India ranked fourth among the world’s biggest crude steel producers, which makes it an important market for SMS Siemag. SMS Siemag, a specialist in international plant engineering, recently equipped several  steel mills in India with tailor-made control valves manufactured by SAMSON.

A Sunny Future

  • SAMCASOL 1 solar thermal plant.
  • Type 3241, Type 3251, LTR 43

SAMSON’s product portfolio provides the entire control valve technology for solar thermal plants: proven control valves suitable for use in the thermal oil applications, the solar collectors and the steam circuit as well as special valves able to handle the molten salt heat stor­age system. The latter are equipped with graphite­free packings to with­stand the extremely corrosive molten salt atmosphere.

Built to Resist

  • Hess Corporation
  • Type 3291

The first rigs of the Bakken shale play popped up in the wide North Dakota plains during the 1950s. The field holds shale gas trapped in the oil-containing layers of rock. For the plant expansion, Hess decided in favor of the new Type 3291 Valves, which control the pressure, tempera-ture and flow rate of gases in the new liquefaction pro-cess to Hess’s full satisfaction.

Element Frankfurt Airport Hotel: a First in Europe

  • Element Frankfurt Airport
  • TROVIS 6600 for building automation

The Element Frankfurt Airport Hotel is located just a few minutes away from Frankfurt airport. It is the first hotel that the Element brand, known as a pioneer in sustainable, environmentally friendly and efficient design and operation of hotels, has opened in Europe. The “green” brand has the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, a US energy and environ-ment standard recognized worldwide. Sustainability is also apparent in the SAMSON building automation systems, which are well equipped for any future requirements of the hotel.

Avantgarde Design at Munich’s Eurostars Book Hotel

  • Eurostars Book Hotel München
  • TROVIS 6600 for building automation

Particularly in a high-end hotel, controlling the conditions in all rooms is essential. The BACnet automation system by SAMSON is up to this challenging task.

Investment in Education and Intelligent Building Services

  • Humboldtschule
  • TROVIS 6600 for building automation

Efficient building automation ensures optimal learning conditions and energy saving in educational facilities.

Landmark for Shopping and Leisure

  • ElbePark Dresden
  • TROVIS 6600 for building automation

ElbePark in Dresden is one of the most bustling shopping centers in the capital of the German state of Saxony: a landmark mixture between shopping and leisure. The management was confrontaded with various building automation challanges.

Ready to Expand

  • CargoCity South
  • TROVIS 6600 for building automation

Frankfurt International Airport is further extending its area by expanding CargoCity South. SAMSON provides the new logistics center with a pleasant climate.

Saving energy without a loss in comfort

  • Design Hotel “The George”
  • TROVIS 6600 for building automation

TROVIS 6600 Automation System (certified B-BC) of Samson ensures maximum efficiency in the new design hotel “The George” and the adjacent office building.

Digital process optimization for medium-sized companies in industry

  • Biological water treatment plant in the industrial park

SAMSON AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT and InfraServ GmbH Co. Wiesbaden KG have reached an important milestone as part of a strategic cooperation to advance digital solutions for process industry 4.0 environments. At the end of the first project stage, the newly developed information system for the water treatment plant went online. This system is based on SAMSON's IIoT platform, which was further developed and tailored to the information specific requirements as part of the cooperation with InfraServ Wiesbaden.

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Digitalization of Heat Management in the Housing Industry

  • Vereinigte Leipziger Wohnungsgenossenschaft eG (VLW), Germany

The Vereinigte Leipziger Wohnungsgenossenschaft eG has been using the portal-based SAM DISTRICT ENERGY software since 2018. The portal provides professional support in heat management by a number of optimized functions for heating and district heating controllers and heat meters.

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Controlling the Hydraulic Worst Case from the Cloud

  • Energiegenossenschaft Emstal

Lathen, a community in northern Germany, expanded its existing local heat supply network, which is operated by the Energiegenossenschaft Emstal energy supplier association, to include control of the hydraulic worst case. This involved installation of the web-based SAM DISTRICT ENERGY asset management tool and SAM MOBILE gateways for mobile phone networks.

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Largest Project for Remote Polling of District Heating Data in Western Europe

  • Vattenfall Wärme Berlin AG

At the beginning of December 2017, SAMSON AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT and Vattenfall Wärme Berlin AG signed a contract to interconnect more than 31,000 district heating stations in Berlin, Germany using the cloud-based SAM DISTRICT ENERGY application. SAM DISTRICT ENERGY polls data from utility meters and district heating controllers in real time and visualizes them. As a result, exact consumption statistics can be created and automated billing becomes possible. Analyses of the yearly down to the hourly consumption serve as the basis for an increased energy efficiency within the district heating system.

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Renewal of flue gas valves at BAYERNOIL

During the 2020 plant turnaround – a scheduled plant shutdown to inspect, clean, repair and renew the BAYERNOIL facilities in Neustadt, Germany –, nine butterfly valves used to handle flue gas were up for replacement. They are installed in three furnaces where the product is heated up for further processing. Temperatures reach up to 600 °C.

The project was managed by SAMSON's Burgkirchen office where a suitable solution was developed and implemented. Together with an external partner, four-slat louvers automated by SAMSON PFEIFFER actuators were developed.

Diligent and on-time planning with the persons in charge at SAMSON and at BAYERNOIL were essential to the project's success. Communication channels were always open, production was started on time, inspections were performed at the manufacturer’s and all products were delivered on time: milestones in the project. The nine flue gas valves were
installed into the plant by ASE GmbH in March 2020 and have been running without any problems ever since.

BAYERNOIL Raffineriegesellschaft mbH is a refining network owned by Varo Energy GmbH (51.43 %), Rosneft Deutschland GmbH (28.57 %) and Eni Deutschland GmbH (20 %). The company operates the largest refinery in Bavaria with production sites in Vohburg and Neustadt an der Donau. The two locations are connected by 11 pipelines and work together as one unit. Every year, the approximately 780 members of staff turn around 10 million tons of crude oil into liquefied gases, fuels (mogas, jet fuel, diesel) as well as fuel oil, heating fuels and bitumen.