How do you minimise the operational impact of planned plant shutdowns?

Every plant operator is familiar with these issues: Necessary plant shutdowns must be planned taking into account operational maintenance aspects, realistic downtimes, operating and downtime costs incurred and, of course, in accordance with applicable legal regulations and safety requirements.

If the components of a production plant are not regularly maintained, this is usually more costly than a planned shutdown. However, planned plant shutdowns are also cost-intensive and therefore require good planning as well as timely and reliable execution. SAMSON has a large service network and is the right contact for all maintenance and repair work on critical valves.

Effective audits with SAMSON as a reliable partner

Find out why SAMSON is the ideal partner for shutdowns, maintenance and repairs

Overhauls are carried out as standard in process industry plants. Nevertheless, the shutdown, decommissioning, maintenance and repair of plant components or entire industrial plants is often compared to "open heart surgery". The reason for this is the many imponderables involved in the planning and execution of overhauls. It is therefore important that inspections are carried out by reliable and competent partners. SAMSON is one such partner that you can always rely on. The SAMSON service team knows that downtime costs a lot of money. As part of effective and intelligent plant shutdown preparation, we find out about the conditions at the inspection site as soon as we start planning the shutdown. If necessary, the service employees are trained and prepared for special working conditions, the fulfilment of legal requirements and increased safety requirements.

1. Challenges in the maintenance of industrial plants

Financial losses and planning complexity during shutdowns - how SAMSON can help

When maintaining industrial plants, the operator encounters a large number of different components and requires the correct and certified spare parts as well as the necessary specialised tools. In order to plan this efficiently, the necessary spare parts must be selected, ordered and prepared in advance to ensure operational continuity throughout the year. Although necessary, shutdowns can lead to significant financial losses in a business.

Regardless of your industry sector, it is important to develop and follow a plan to mitigate the unexpected impacts of daily operations and ensure the safety of employees, the environment and equipment.


2. Important aspects of plant shutdown planning

Find out why careful planning and coordination are crucial for a smooth shutdown

Essential customer concerns are at the centre of comprehensive plant shutdown planning. The safety of the working environment has the highest priority. Precise scheduling minimises downtime and maximises productivity. Careful resource planning ensures the efficient use of materials and labour. Continuous monitoring of the stock of components and spare parts ensures their timely availability to avoid delays. The overriding goal is to ensure the safe and cost-efficient operation of plants. Sophisticated cost management enables economical downtimes and long-term profitability.

The most important points for us are:

  •     Employee safety
  •     time planning
  •     Resource planning
  •     Stock of components and spare parts
  •     Safe operation of your system
  •     Cost efficiency

3. Valve diagnostics as a key factor for efficient shutdowns

How SAMSON's smart positioners and SAM SERVICES optimise plant shutdown planning

From our point of view, valve diagnostics is an important component in modern and efficient plant shutdown planning and implementation. Based on our smart positioners from SAMSON AG, we can collect data during the ongoing process and analyse it using our SAM SERVICES. This gives you a valve status of your valves and allows you to plan everything further effectively.

SAMSON's comprehensive services at a glance

A detailed insight into the wide range of services that SAMSON offers during shutdowns

Our services:

  •     Standard repairs and conversions of self-operated regulators as well as globe, rotary and manual valves from the SAMSON portfolio and third-party suppliers
  •     Plant inspection and recording of measuring points for planning plant shutdowns and maintenance work
  •     IT-supported preparation of shutdowns
  •     Assistance with spare parts management and compiling stock levels for plant shutdowns as well as scheduled and unscheduled maintenance work
  •     Preparation of valve data in a master list including photo documentation
  •     Assuming supervisor functions during plant shutdowns and during start-up after plant shutdowns
  •     Mobile and stationary decontamination of valves
  •     Support with the installation and removal of fittings
  •     Shuttle service for the repair of valves in our workshops
  •     Cleaning and assembly of valves for oxygen and technical gas applications as well as the food and pharmaceutical industries in fully equipped cleanrooms
  •     Instrumentation and piping of valves from the SAMSON portfolio and from third-party suppliers
  •     Support in the selection of suitable service providers for the removal and installation, cleaning of valves, maintenance work and pipework
  •     Support with commissioning

Your benefits in summary

  • Products, digital solutions and service from a single source
  • Optimise the availability of your systems and reduce downtimes
  • Recording of valves of all makes
  • Advanced analysis of valve diagnostic data with a SAMSON positioner
  • Preparation and planning of the resulting valve services/activities
  • Updating the documentation
  • Digitalisation of your existing devices (electronic nameplate and RFID transponder)

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