SAMSON Presents New SAM DIGITAL Product Line

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With SAM DIGITAL, SAMSON presents a solution devised to meet the growing demands for digitalization in process automation applications. At the heart of the new digital product line is SAM DIGITAL HUB, a state-of-the-art digitalization and automation platform.

“By developing and marketing the SAM DIGITAL product line, SAMSON transfers its core expertise – quality, reliability and safety – into the digital era. SAM DIGITAL applies the unique know-how accumulated within the SAMSON group and converts it into an immediate benefit for our customers while remaining open for any type of hardware and software,” said Mr. Peter Knapp, Chief Digital Officer at SAMSON.

SAM DIGITAL upgrades the existing product portfolio just at the right time: while SAMSON transitions from a pure manufacturer of valves and controllers to a provider of process intelligence.
SAMSON offers its customers complex, comprehensive solutions, ranging from the implementation of manufacturer-independent connectivity in existing infrastructures to supplying intelligent hardware and an Internet of Things platform. This broad approach was also behind the name choice as SAM stands for SAMSON Asset Management.

The solutions marketed under the SAM DIGITAL product line are a combination of SAMSON’s decade-long experience and in-depth understanding of processes with the latest technologies and smart information. For customers, this means optimized processes and a true added value, for example in terms of reduced cost of operation, predictive maintenance or lower spending on service and repairs.